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on 25 Jul 2020

These are two collages of some of the dishes I had at Disfrutar in two meals, and by no means all. Pic 1 are dishes I have yet to post, pic 2 are those I posted before. If I were to post every dish it will take another two, three weeks 😅, but I think by now you get the idea of how amazing Disfrutar is. Their food is not just about using new gadgets or techniques to make some unconventional dishes. Their dishes are about provoking intellectual, mental and physical (your palate) reactions, things... More

on 17 Feb 2020

I was lucky enough to visit ⭐️⭐️ @disfrutarbcn in Barcelona a couple more times before Christmas within the space of just a couple of weeks (full review with all pics & wine is up on my Facebook now, link in bio ☝🏻) So this post covers both meals. It really blows my mind the level of creativity at this restaurant. I mean, the chefs are ex-El Bulli so maybe I shouldn’t be that surprised. But bare in mind that they run two menus, one consisting of their more classic signature... More

on 06 Jan 2020

A Barcelona restaurant that has featured regularly on my annual best dishes list is @disfrutarbcn I never had the chance to visit #elbulli but through the ingenious & inventive molecular cuisine of @eduardxatruch , @oriolcastroforns & Mateu Casañas I get a glorious glimpse of what it would have been like. A firm favourite of mine when in Barcelona. Or Spain for that matter, I flew from Bilbao and back last month just to eat their food again. I’m addicted... More

on 22 May 2019

Just a few of the 30(!) brilliant courses last night at @disfrutarbcn last night. Truly, one of the greats. So impressed by everything from the minute I walked in the door. Service was impeccable. They have transcended modernism into pure creativity. After the meal, we had an extensive tour of their studio and test kitchen where amazingly detailed planning and experimentation happens. So good, I’m going back in for lunch again tomorrow, to try an entirely different menu.

on 31 Mar 2019

And I almost forgot the amazing beverage pairing that went with the 29 courses @disfrutarbcn
Not quite 29 different wines, sakes, ciders & sherries but 14 isn’t too bad 🍷 🍸 . .
Michelin Guide -⭐️⭐️
OAD list -

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on 25 Sep 2018

Another very unusual serving with corn @disfrutarbcn - a breast of squab was covered with a layer of baby corn cooked in some sort of Korean machine, which gave them a completely brown yet mild taste - a kind of slow caramelization at low temperatures as far as I understood. It was served with mole and truffle .
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9 / 10
on 16 Mar 2018

The master of molecular cuisine. Every time I go there they seem to be better. I am looking forward to my next visit.

on 02 Feb 2018

Thanks Chefs Eduard Xatruch and Oriol Castro for a gastronomy feast and for showing us your innovation lab!? _
Disfrutar, Barcelona (June 2017)
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10 / 10
on 03 Jun 2017

Few restaurants can implement molecular gastronomy techniques, presentation and taste successfully. In addition to accomplishing this, Disfrutrar served us a seamless symphony of dishes, sometimes giving my son a dish I had already tried, while serving me something new.

Afterwards, they invited us to their Innovation Lab where they brainstorm their dishes, menus and presentation. They also work with local culinary students. This room had binders containing photos of all their past dishes. There... More

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