Dinner at Disfrutar Barcelona

Dinner at Disfrutar Barcelona

at Disfrutar on 18 December 2019
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Disfrutar walker @disfrutarbcn

Underground r&d bunker (wine fridge included) @disfrutarbcn

Cocoa pulp sorbet with coffee meringue and hazelnut @disfrutarbcn

Whiskey tart & caramel spheres and popcorn @disfrutarbcn

Chocolate pepper with oil and salt @disfrutarbcn

Birrificio le Baladin Xyauyù Fumé (aged in Islay Whisky barrel) @disfrutarbcn

Candied lemon rind & giant yuzu pulps & cookie dough ice cream & basil & Italian meringue @disfrutarbcn

Black sesame cornet with cherries @disfrutarbcn

Bodegas Tradicion Cream Sherry Vos 20 years @disfrutarbcn

Hoisin and cucumber sorbet & ginger & honey & crispy pork rinds & mint @disfrutarbcn

Squab breast & black baby corn & mole & corn spheres with white truffles @disfrutarbcn

Galician old cow tartare and fat & beef jus & beef consomme @disfrutarbcn

Crispy smokey piquillo peppers @disfrutarbcn

Singapore chili languostine & cilantro & watermelon & quail eggs & coconut @disfrutarbcn

Crispy mango and shrimp & ginger & cilantro & chilies and kefir lime / dehydrated shrimp consomme @disfrutarbcn

Multi spherification of corn juice & tatin of foie & corn brittle @disfrutarbcn

Bodegas Franco-Españolas Rioja Blanco Semi Dulce Diamante 1973 @disfrutarbcn

Aji and carrot sorbet & leche de tiger & cilantro oil & monkfish cream & lime @disfrutarbcn

Caviar and sour cream filled in fried egg dough @disfrutarbcn

Razor clam with seaweed (sous vide and then rest in fata paper with salt insulation) @disfrutarbcn

Cruchy seaweed pillows filled with puffed rice & dashi jello with shiso & sesame oil & pickled cucumber & vinegar powder @disfrutarbcn

Blackened celery root & celery reduction & celery ice cream @disfrutarbcn

Egg yolk tempura & mushroom jello @disfrutarbcn

Iberico bone broth and gelatin set as macaroni & smoked bacon foam & shaved parm @disfrutarbcn

Instant pasta station @disfrutarbcn

Egon muller, spatlese 1996 @disfrutarbcn

Potato starch dough inflated with sunflower oil & basil & burrata & freeze dried tomato powder & olive oil spheres and basil jello @disfrutarbcn

Potato starch pizza @disfrutarbcn

Pesto stem - multi spherification pesto pasta & smoked eel & cured iberico fat & parm & pine nuts & basil & capers @disfrutarbcn

Pesto polvoron with olive oil spheres @disfrutarbcn

Idiazabal goat cheese millefeuille & toasted instant cider @disfrutarbcn

Toasting glassware @disfrutarbcn

Instant cider making w dry ice @disfrutarbcn

Liquid olive in coco butter Gilda (anchovies and guindillas) with toast @disfrutarbcn

Michel Gonet Champagne Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs 1996 @disfrutarbcn

Beet yogurt ball buoyancy test @disfrutarbcn

Rose water with gin & raspberry shaped lychee @disfrutarbcn

dry foam cocktail of passion fruit & rum & mint @disfrutarbcn