Lunch at Disfrutar

Lunch at Disfrutar

at Disfrutar on 3 June 2017
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Few restaurants can implement molecular gastronomy techniques, presentation and taste successfully. In addition to accomplishing this, Disfrutrar served us a seamless symphony of dishes, sometimes giving my son a dish I had already tried, while serving me something new.

Afterwards, they invited us to their Innovation Lab where they brainstorm their dishes, menus and presentation. They also work with local culinary students. This room had binders containing photos of all their past dishes. There were shelves of bowls, plates, stones, boxes, shells and anything you can think of to serve food. There were large boards, each with a menu taped to the top with photos of each dish on that menu displayed below.

Oriol Castro
Eduard Xatruch
Mateu CasaƱas

Super tender almonds, almond vinagirette, garlic oil infusion, vanilla oil, almond milk, almond caramel

Foie Gras Sweet Corn

Crispy Egg Yolk with Mushrooms Gelatin

Oriol Castro gives me and my son a tour in the Disfrutar innovation lab.

Oriol Castro shows how each menu is on its own board so the Disfrutar team can plan and evaluate each tasting menu.

Documenting all of their dishes

Different vessels

Food doesn't need to be served on a plate