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on 31 Mar 2024

Yes, that’s my face 🤭🍗 ~ amazing experience at DEN 🌟🌟 🫶 @zaiyuhasegawa

on 28 Feb 2024

📍DEN 傳┆🗼Gaienmae 外苑前┆💎Tasting Menu おまかせディナー (¥18,000~ / person)

✼••┈┈┈┈┈┈┈ 𝗜𝗡𝗙𝗢𝗥𝗠𝗔𝗧𝗜𝗢𝗡 ┈┈┈┈┈┈┈••✼
👩🏻‍🍳┆Japanese Fusion · 創作料理
🏷┆#傳 by @zaiyuhasegawa
🚉┆Gaienmae 外苑前駅 (Exit 3)🚶🏽‍♀️9min
👣┆Smart Casual · スマートカジュアル
📅┆Book via Phone · 電話予約は2ヶ月前に
✍️┆Food... More

on 28 Sep 2023

A conversation with Zaiyu san a night before gave me some light bulb moments💡 . I asked a simple question about whether he has changed his sequence of the courses which appeared different from before. He gave me such a great answer. He said it is determined by the ingredients and the flow of the customers, so every time it is different. There are a lot of regulars but also new customers at Den, they can be of different ages, some drink and some don’t. It has been 16 years since Den opened, and... More

on 20 Mar 2023

Always overwhelmed by the amazing hospitality and the great omakase by Zaiyu Hasegawa and Team DEN! His ways of presenting a rapeseed is also pretty unique… :)
And his food is extremely delicious!

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#2starmichelin #tokyofood #tokyofoodguide #kaiseki #modernkaiseki #japanesefood... More

on 16 Dec 2022

Hoghlights of a great meal at DEN in Tokyo, currently No.1 in Asia.
All the usual suspects from the amazing claypot rice (2 ways) to DENtucky Fried Chicken!

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👉 #jokuti_den

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8 / 10
on 11 Nov 2022

Den is always great to go to. The food is funny, delicious and well executed. The “easy to draw man” salad is one of the best you can get with its different textures and tastes created by treating each ingredient different. The DKF with a seasonal filling is succulent and delicious.
For me the highlight besides the classics was the エボダイ(疣鯛)/Butterfish, Ebodai. The fillet was grilled and the head deep fried so one could eat it almost as a fish chip. Excellent, deep flavor and... More

on 07 May 2021

Rice, kabocha bushi, caviar




こちらも、日本の食文化を外部の視点で深く掘り下げるトーマスならではの発想で、大いに刺激的。... More

on 19 Apr 2021

Den, Tokyo. Always a great time, and spring ingredients in Japan are my favorite.

on 08 Apr 2021

神宮前の「傳 (DEN)」

A warm and welcoming restaurant serving Japanese cuisine with a sense of creativity.

2枚目: フォワグラ最中 Foie gras monaka
3枚目: デンタッキー Dentucky
4枚目: 豚フィレ ほうれん草と牡蠣のソース
   Pork fillet with spinach and oyster sauce
5枚目: 季節のサラダ Seasonal Salad
6枚目: 筍と蛤のお椀
   Bowl... More

on 13 Feb 2021

DENtucky Fried Chicken, an iconic dish of this restaurant ranked No.3 in Asia with two Michelin stars




Den (Jingumae, Tokyo)

#den #tokyoeats #tokyorestaurant #dentucky #dentuckyfriedchicken #傳 #東京グルメ #渋谷区グルメ... More

on 19 Oct 2020

The Dentucky fried chicken changes every time we visit. This one was filled with sticky rice and edamame. Yum! 😋
Den (傳), Tokyo (May 2019)
#傳 #傳den #visittokyo

8 / 10
on 21 Apr 2020

Back for the second time in almost as many weeks. The hospitality and great food merits frequent visits. This time, being the world champion of omotenashi, the Japanese are of hospitality, they cooked me the hana-sansho rice in a donabe, one of my favourite variations and only when in season. To top it up they produced another rice with sautéed mushrooms.

8 / 10
on 30 Mar 2020

Back at Den for the spring menu. Some classics like the fried chicken and some new dishes like the veal cheek with Japanese truffles. The latter being the star of the menu. The rice in two versions, firefly squid and mountain vegetables.
den is famous for its omotenashi which is truly unparalleled but I like it for its food. It is modern but respects the rules, it is tasty and very well executed. It tries to surprise but always does.

on 17 Jan 2020

(SWIPE FOR MORE PICS) All the happy moments during the collaboration lunch of @ristorantelido84 x Den @zaiyuhasegawa . Food was so great, in fact, exceeding all my expectation.
The company, super!!!! It was like 新年会New Year Gathering in Japan, with an Italian theme. Besides seeing @zaiyuhasegawa san and team Den, there were Italian cuisine chefs @luca.fantin @hidehito_hirayama Of @alterego.tokyo , @susumu0shimizu... More

on 17 Jan 2020

Video 1 & Pic 2-3: イカ、燻製した鰻バター、 菊芋の「 マヨネーズ」
Cuttlefish, Smoked Eel Butter, Jerusalem Artichoke “Mayonnaise”.
Pic 4 : 春キャベツ 、 山椒のペーストと山椒の実、生の唐墨
Spring Cabbage, Sansho Paste and Sansho Seeds, Raw Karasumi (Bottarga)
Video 5 & Pic 6-7: リゾート、黒にんにく、ベリー
Risotto, Black Fermented Garlic, Berries
Pic 8-9: スモークサーディンの唐揚げ 、はちみつ、サラダ Smoked... More

on 17 Jan 2020

(SWIPE TO SEE MORE PICS) : Final Cacio e Pepe “En Vessie”. Perfectly al dente, with just the right amount of peppery pecorino sauce coating each rigatoni. So good. The recipe does not change but the texture did vary in different location. Because when something so simple with so few ingredients, every detail - water, temperature, etc counts.
Many people asked me why use the pig’s bladder to cook the pasta? The last picture is the answer #LiDen84 #Lido84xDen #littlemeg_best2019... More

on 01 Jan 2020

The most important meal for me on New Year day today is to have Den’s osechi! This has been my tradition now ever since I had my first osechi by Team Den. The contents are about the same as these items have specific symbolic meanings so they are not supposed to be omitted or changed drastically. You can see the item list in the last pic and most of the explanations are in my old posts (#littlemeg_osechi2018 , #littlemeg_osechi2019 ) This year a new item to replace the pork... More

on 15 Dec 2019

Collaborative dinners and pop ups can often be a mixed bag, but I had a lot of fun at the #gelinaz shuffle this year. Coconuts and banana leaves in the communal table at @zaiyuhasegawa’s Den told us we were in for something fun. The crew did a great job of interpreting Thai flavors, but very much in the Den spirit. Turns out our mystery restaurant twin for the night was @ledubkk - which almost no one guessed.

8 / 10
on 05 Apr 2019

Zaiyu Hasegawa
WB 50 Chefs’ Choice Award 2019

Zaiyu cooks a modern kaiseki meal. He follows the rules, uses great ingredients and has a flawless technique.

However then he takes the stiff- and stuffiness out of the whole experience and infuses it with unparalleled omotenashi and fun.
This creates an addictive mixture which is impossible not to fall for.

No wonder he won all of these accolades, but don't get me wrong, the food by itself is worth a visit.

on 27 Jun 2018

Den. No need to say anything else. Just delightful from start to finish. A few dishes pictured here. And they dressed Puchi Jr. (@puchi.jr) up in the costume I brought him in January!

on 18 Jan 2018

The whole Den family was as lovely as always, and another fantastic meal. And Puchi seems to tolerate the hat :)

on 17 Jan 2018

My little gift for @puchi.jr - a chef’s hat and bandana with his name on it.

on 28 Nov 2017

Team Den ??‍????‍? Always so happy to be back at Den! ? They will always take great care of you like family. Can’t wait to return next month! ?
Den (傳), Tokyo (April 2017)

8 / 10
on 15 Apr 2017

Always happy to be back to DEN Family.

on 31 Mar 2017

?? Chef Zaiyu-san and Puchi Jr ?
神保町 傳 Jimbocho Den, Tokyo (Sept 2016)

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Japan, 〒150-0001 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Jingūmae, 2-chōme−3−18 建築家会館JIA館


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+81 3-6455-5433