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on 04 Sep 2023

2023.08 #茶禅華 (Sazenka/ 사젠카)


Restaurant: @Sazenka

"Sazenka", a triple Michelin-starred (As of 2023), Japanese-style Chinese restaurant a 12-minute walk from Hiroo Station.
히로오역 도보 12분거리에 위치한 미슐랭 3스타 일본식 중화요리전문점 “사젠카”


"Sazenka"... More

10 / 10
on 24 Mar 2023

Wonderful and thankful.

on 04 Feb 2023

Sazenka [茶禅華]
Early Feb, 2023
Tokyo, Japan
1st Visit

Reasons for Visit
- Chinese restaurant with the most accolades in all of Japan
- 4.52 Tabelog Gold Award, Highest ranked Chinese in Japan
- No. 11 in 2022 Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants
- No. 59 in 2022 World’s 50 Best Restaurants
- 3 Michelin Stars

- Building used to be part of Germany’s embassy and feels like dining in a wealthy friend’s home in Minami Azabu (pic 1)
- A refined interpretation... More

10 / 10
on 08 Dec 2022

Same menu with different people. Still as good as ever. Arguably the best Shanghai crab in town.

10 / 10
on 03 Nov 2022

Sazenka remains the benchmark for Chinese Japanese food in Tokyo. The precision of the cooking is unparalleled. Their Shanghai crab are better and tastier than is other places. The mapo tofu is so delicious that you want to bring some home.
A truly 3 star places. Every single time

9 / 10
on 03 May 2022

Sazenka, changed menu. Equally good, The precision of the Chef’s cooking is always impressive. His signature dishes, unfortunately never get boring.

10 / 10
on 14 Apr 2022

Sazenka continues to deliver Chinese Japanese food at an extraordinary level. The dishes are always perfectly calibrated, from the subtle hamaguru soup to start the meal to the peppery Szechuan chicken wings. All of them great compositions.
An extraordinary place, quite pricey but truly outstanding food.

10 / 10
on 24 Nov 2021

Shanghai crab season at Sazenka, this mean super high quality, loads of it but also almost painfully expensive. Everyone gets almost 4 crabs during the course of the meal, female and male in various preparations, barely cooked to mixed with shark fin. Astounding the taste.
Of course the classics like Szechuan chicken wing and women cannot be missed. The quail as the main course was exquisite, juicy on the inside and with skin being perfectly cooked to crispy perfection. The Chef is working on his... More

on 02 Jul 2021



#南麻布 #茶禅華 #中華 #ミシュラン三つ星 #牡丹海老 #紹興酒 #活鮎 #春巻き #四川 #唐辛子 #大和豚 #麻婆豆腐 #マンゴープリン #ココナッツアイス... More

on 21 Mar 2021

茶禅華 Sazenka
For hairy crab season. Pretty much the best Chinese restaurant in Tokyo I think. Awesome dry abalone... intense flavours, and then chicken wings! Crab photos further to the right!
#料理 #レストラン #東京 #食事 #food #foodie #foodstagram #stuffieat #kevcheeats #kevchetokyo #kevche #sazenka... More

9 / 10
Top list
on 22 Jan 2021

Any food in Japan which is labeled ethnically is far from what you get locally. The strong influence of Japan always overpowers everything. So it is with this newly minted three star restaurant which is labeled ‘Chinese”.
Chef Tomoya Kawata started his cooking career at 16 at a Chinese restaurant in Tokyo, but then spent long years studying Japanese cooking at Nihonryori Ryugi.
Thus all my Chinese friends would start laughing about the “Chinese” label, but they all would love his food.... More

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4-chōme-7-5 Minamiazabu, Minato City, Tokyo 106-0047, Japan


Open hours


+81 3-5449-6778