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on 26 Mar 2024

Wonderful menu at ~ @sezannetokyo 🌟🌟 ~ @chezcalvert technical precision is 🔥

on 22 Jan 2024

Picture perfect plates SÉZANNE 🤍🍽️

Course menu listed below 👇🏻

Louis Nicaise Brut Reserve Nv Premier Cru (Champagne)

Radius Beurre

Pacific Saury with Caramelised Onions And Green Olive

Langoustine with Celery

Marinated Ikurafrom Hokkaido with Cucumber and Horseradish

Shichiken Birōdo no Aji Junmai Ginjō

Malted Barley Sourdough with Brittany Butter

Akkeshi Oyster “Soup”

Saba “Escabeche” with Hamaguri

Miravale Rosé (Cote De Provence)
Brangelina’s wine. Lol!

Softshell... More

on 07 Dec 2023

Forget Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year is Shanghaigani crab and white truffle season at @sezannetokyo.

Always a delight to be back. Thanks so much and congratulations on 🌟🌟💪💪 @chezcalvert @acaley88 and Team Sezanne!

on 06 Dec 2023

A visit to a restaurant like Oryori Fujii in Toyama reminds you just how amazing Japanese counter dining experiences can be. The theater of it, the dazzling products, the thrilling mastery of techniques on display. To be a great kaiseki chef, one needs to have more than deep knowledge of ingredients and culinary chops. You have to have a knack for ikebana and an eye for beauty, along with personal charisma.

Chef Hironori Fujii is one such chef. He’s a charmer, chatting with guests as he breaks... More

on 15 Nov 2023

The second half of the @sezannetokyo x @thechairmanrestauranthk collaboration was every bit as spectacular and surprising as the first.

There was sweet and sour pig’s tail with strawberries – crispy on the outside and meltingly tender on the inside. Shirako, enveloped in pasta sheets, was doused with a piquant and sweet chili sauce, flecked with bits of steamed fish head.

The Chairman’s succulent char siu was sandwiched between flaky pastry and dotted with sauces... More

on 13 Nov 2023

In my 13-plus years as a food writer, I’ve experienced more than my fair share of four-hands dinners all over the world. But the collaboration between @sezannetokyo and @thechairmanrestauranthk was a highlight.

@chezcalvert and Danny Yip are both perfectionists with an intuitive sense of harmony and balance. What makes this event particularly special is the fact that they’re such close friends. They understand each other’s food and philosophy well, and it shows.... More

on 29 May 2023

Fukinoto granite with Tokyo shirokabi cheese

on 29 May 2023

Sakura sabayon tart with cherry leaf

on 28 May 2023

Racan pigeon with morel mushroom and garlic sauce

on 28 May 2023

Scallops with bucketwheat

on 28 May 2023

Hotaru Ika with basil cucumber sauce

on 28 May 2023

Drunken chicken

on 28 May 2023

Shiro ebi with yellow celery and botan ebi

on 28 May 2023

Young radish with caviar

10 / 10
on 25 Mar 2023

Another great meal.

10 / 10
on 25 Mar 2023


on 16 Mar 2023

(SWIPE FOR MORE PICS) I swear I am not a four hands junkie but when I sense interesting dynamics and potential exciting synergy between the chefs, I love to check them out.

That is the case for Sezanne by Daniel Calvert x Yamazaki 山崎 by Shiro Yamazaki san, two young chefs specialized in French fine dining and modern kaiseki respectively. I have been visiting the restaurants by both chefs often since before covid (and coincidentally my 10th times to Sezanne and Yamazaki), this collaboration... More

on 16 Mar 2023

加能ガニ フルーツトマト 花わさび

@[instagram] Sezanne x Yamazaki (3.12.2023)

Another highlight of the meal was this Kano crab leg. Its size was giant especially considering during the very end of crab season, even in restaurants within Ishikawa you don’t see such size often.

It was slightly marinated in tomato water overnight, covered with a light jelly of fruit tomato and with cucumber and tomato,... More

on 22 Jun 2022

SÉZANNE | 📍Marunouchi, Tokyo

with Shortbread “Crème Chantilly”
宮崎産マンゴー ショートブレッド クレームシャンティ


One of the most creative desserts I’ve come across.
I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who’s not tried it yet so grab seats before the season’s over🥭

#sezanne #mango #mangodessert #mangoseason #sweetstagram #explorepage... More

on 22 Jun 2022

SÉZANNE | 📍Marunouchi, Tokyo

"BIZEN SHAMO” from Nagano marinated in vin jaune
長野県・美膳軍鶏 イエローワインのソース

It’s been almost a year since the success of one of the most anticipated restaurant openings in Tokyo.

It is a true delight to see the dishes evolve throughout the seasons and to watch Team Sézanne flourish.

Hoping for many more memorable meals here♥️

#sézanne #tokyo #fourseasonshotel... More

9 / 10
on 01 May 2022

An overdue lunch to check out the new dishes turned into a long form menu as the team requested some of the classics. Overall, Daniel and his team get better and more precise. The reduction is more consequent, the flavors strong when they need to be and subtil at other times.
One new dish was the absolute highlight.
The Hotaru Ika with piperade and ajo blanco. A stalwart of Japanese cuisine in the spring season combined with a sauce which emulates a Mediterranean flavor. Pure genius. One has... More

10 / 10
on 23 Dec 2021

One star? Really?
The inspectors of the Guide Michelin must have missed something (or being just unnecessarily too cautious).

Daniel Calvert found his stride in his new home. Classics get refined, new dishes introduced. The supply chain becomes deeper and better and this shows on the plate.

Without going into a dish by dish description, just one example. The deer from Hokkaido. Luckily in Japan there is an all year season for hunting deer so the possibility of combing the deer with unusual... More

on 07 Nov 2021

Four Seasons Tokyo Marunouchi
SÉZANNE (セザン) の「モンブラン」🌰



Simply an outstanding Mont Blanc.
Unlike anything I’ve had before…

#SÉZANNE #fourseasonshotel #montblanc... More

on 05 Aug 2021

Sezanne 1st visit — a new restaurant by chef Daniel Calvert @chezcalvert, former chef at Belon in HK. Well designed menu, the level of technique and execution was exceptional. Favorite dishes were Saba escabeche with hamaguri; Bizen Shamo chicken poached in yellow wine; and tagliatelle in truffle and Parmesan sauce. •

#foodgasm #yum #eat #foodpic #foodpics #foodphotography #foodlover #tasty... More

Top list
on 01 Jul 2021

Opening night of Sézanne.
Full house and everything worked as intended. Compared to the soft opening lunches some dishes from the truffle menu mixed in.
The oyster dishes, slightly bigger, but still wonderful taste. The shame, as always served at room temperature, has this perfectly calibrated flavor with the yellow wine sauce adding some pleasant acidity.
Chef Calvert’s food is always focused, he is restrained in using ingredients and even colors on the plate, but all dishes are amazing... More

on 27 Jun 2021


The “Terrine de Foie Gras” a.k.a. black truffle box, was one of the best dishes of my life.

Mind blown…

#Sézanne #fourseasons #tokyo #marunouchi #frenchrestaurant #explorepage #セザン #東京丸の内 #フォーシーズンズホテル #黒トリュフ #サワードウ... More

9 / 10
Top list
on 23 Jun 2021

Third lunch in the soft opening period. First lunch where alcohol could be served.
Again, some new dishes and some improved versions of dishes we ate already.
The Oyster dish was clearly a highlight, the rice and wild sorrel creating a wonderful texture while the oyster released umami and sea water taste. Perfectly composed and calibrated. The tagliatelle with Australian winter truffles are comfort food on the highest level. One wants to order a second portion.
The set cheese course, the aged... More

9 / 10
Top list
on 10 Jun 2021

2nd lunch during the pre-opening phase. Some different dishes, some changed ones based on the feedback from the first lunch.
The food grass was served slightly warmer which made the texture melting and released more flavor on the palate. The shamo is a variation from a dish from Hongkong, but now a chicken from Hokkaido (Shamo is an overall designation for gamefowl in Japan. There are seven recognised breeds of Shamo chicken in Japan, all of which are designated Natural Monuments of Japan). It is... More

8 / 10
Top list
on 04 Jun 2021

First of series of lunches in the soon to be opened Sézanne. Chef Calvert is somebody who despite his youth is unbelievably focused and produces incredible dishes. And this despite the fact that he is working with some in his core team still stranded overseas and only able to contribute via Zoom.
Of course, as expected there were some dishes which are not yet up to his standards (this is the first week of the soft opening) but overall already a strong performance.
The dishes of the day were... More

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7階, 1-chōme-11-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda City, Tokyo 100-6277, Japan


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