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on 13 Feb 2024

I’ve always loved the Unplugged series at @monorestaurant where @rchaneton invites a chef to cook in a fun and uninhibited setting, and this time it was with Asia’s Best Female Chef @johanne_siy of @lollasg! I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with both chefs at a culinary retreat in Japan, and I was excited to see the two friends cook together once again. Except for one signature dish from Lolla, the chefs worked on all of the dishes together... More

on 24 Jan 2024

Always a joy to be back at one of my favorite restaurants @monorestaurant to try its latest menu! The flavors and cooking by @rchaneton are consistently spot-on and fantastic. As the restaurant approaches 4 years, I look forward to seeing its evolution towards embracing the chef’s Italian roots and local influences while maintaining its South American flair.

Our menu:

Mashua Tartlette
Pickled Mashua with nasturtium emulsion & smoked ancho chilli gel

Confit Carabinero
White... More

on 01 Nov 2023

Venison, Panca chilli, Mashua

on 01 Nov 2023

Pork belly, Tamarillo, Yacon, Arepas

on 31 Oct 2023

Monkfish, Curry sauce

on 31 Oct 2023

Carabinero, Oca, huacatay

on 31 Oct 2023

Pitahaya, black mole, hazelnuts

on 31 Oct 2023

Scallops, Sanky, Jalapeno

on 31 Oct 2023

Brioche stuffed with lobster meat

on 30 Oct 2023

Sea bream tartare, Mamey, Andean grains

8 / 10
on 28 Sep 2023

Another delicious meal at this pan-Latin American fine dining restaurant, this time with a friend visiting from Singapore.

Chef Ricardo made good on his threat to serve me tacos with chicken ass, plus another that made me very, very happy. Signature "monkbread" as good as ever.

Full account of lunch is here: https://www.diarygrowingboy.com/2023/09/chickenasstaco.html

on 26 Jul 2023

Pork tenderloin , Feijoada, Garlic rice, Chicharron

on 25 Jul 2023

Raw cashew nut cream, Coconut cream, Caviar

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5/F, 18 On Lan St, Central, Hong Kong


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