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on 16 Mar 2024

The Magical World of @ristorantelido84
also known as Cacio&Pepe in Pig bladder, Beeswax preserved Sbernia, 84 Hours cooked and 2 years preserved Pasta, Lièvre à la Royale, Black Garlic Risotto, Yeast and butter Spaghettoni and The Rose Cake❤️ #mostofitaly

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on 22 Nov 2023

Lake Garda, one of the loveliest sites of one of the loveliest restaurants, @ristorantelido84. Brothers Riccardo and Giancarlo Camanini have turned this tranquil spot into one of the most coveted dining destinations in the world. Formerly a pool house built in 1984, the beautifully refurbished space pays homage to 1960s art deco, offering marvelous views of the aquamarine waters.

Riccardo draws inspiration from the greats, mixed with influences from his travels abroad. There’s a... More

on 02 Oct 2022


For relaxing times make it Lago di Garda times.
Risotto tiepido di peperoni, delicado e decadente. E mais algumas novidades do menu de verão do @ristorantelido84 .
Não param as inovações no mundo do risotto. E Camanini joga aqui com uma vaca sagrada do riso, a temperatura. O tépido muda o sabor, altera a percepção da mantecatura. O risotto ganha leveza e pungência.


10 / 10
on 19 Aug 2022

Lido 84 is surely worth a journey. Riccardo and Giancarlo Camanini, two brothers coming from a family with no roots in the hospitality industry, run this lakeside restaurant with great earnestness and humbleness despite accruing numerous awards from all over the world. One of their dishes, the rigatoni cacio e pepe en vessie, has achieved cult status for its ingeniousness, taste and storyline.
Thanks to the fact that @Alex is a regular there, we were treated to an XXL version of their tasting menu,... More

on 17 Jun 2022

Lido 84.
Always a delight to dine here. Riccardo and Giancarlo Camanini created a truly unique gem.


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on 06 Nov 2021

#NORDITALIA 2021 - A #enogastronomic journey through the NORTH OF ITALY


LIDO 84 - Riccardo Camanini ; 50best #15

É desarmante a calma e tranquilidade de Riccardo Camanini, com o sucesso a não lhe subir à cabeça. A sua cozinha é o reino do território e da intemporalidade. As vezes não sabemos se os pratos são clássicos ou modernos, novos ou velhos. Um chefe apaixonado que pensa pela sua cabeça, que ama os clássicos e a cozinha do seu país.... More

on 05 Jul 2021

Lido84 - savoury
The highlights of the savoury dishes at this wonderful Garda-lake institution: refined, elegant, highly enjoyable pleasure for all senses!

[check out my IGTV of the cacio e pepe, and my earlier post about the dolci]

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on 04 Jul 2021

Lido84: dolci
The end of an incredible feast: utmost elegant, creative and delicious. The Camanini brothers are a perfect example for 100% hospitality, from the interior design to the food they take care about every tiny detail in a professional, kind and welcoming way. Through a mask is even easier to recognize genuine kindness…
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on 23 Mar 2021

Torta di Rose, Zabaione

on 03 Oct 2020

LIDO 84 - Rigatoni Cacio e Pepe in Vescica

Em Apicius descreve-se como as bexigas de porco eram usadas como recipiente para transportar ingredientes para as colónias. A partir dessa imagem, Riccardo Camanini teve a ideia de génio. Adaptou o mesmo princípio usado na Galinha de Bresse em Bexiga para criar um prato único.

Deslumbrante para os olhos e para o palato. A Poularde de Bresse en vessie é um método de sous vide arcaico, em que o bicho é cozinhado no vapor, recheada com lâminas de... More

9 / 10
Top list
on 12 Sep 2020
on 17 Jan 2020

One of the most talented, humble, sincere and kind hearted chefs that I have ever met. Chef Riccardo Camanini, in his stunning restaurant, Lido 84 @ristorantelido84 .
Chef Riccardo first cooked in OAD 2016 in Copenhagen during the New to List dinner and that’s the first time I had his food. So simple, sophisticated, pure and unpretentious. With precision as sharp as Japanese chefs. Then in OAD 2018 in London, Chef Riccardo cooked again with Chef Tanaka of AT for a one night event.... More

on 17 Jan 2020

Lido 84 also had one of #littlemeg_best2019 desserts! This deceptively simple Fior di latte Gelato (cow’s milk gelato) was presented unadorned, nothing but a beautiful scoop of white gelato. But that milk flavor 🤯🤯🤯 Chef Riccardo explained that they use the milk from small cows in the mountain which only produced 15-20 L of milk per day compared to 50-60 L of milk by normal adult cow. The flavor was so rich and milky, like full fat milk but with so much lightness in the aftertaste,... More

on 17 Jan 2020

(SWIPE -> FOR MORE PICS) To carry on my #best2019 posts, I included the dishes I had in my Sep 2019 visit to Lido 84 here. We had close to 20 items, and everything from the small bite sized amuse such as the unexpectedly tasty sage leaf with honey and marigold , super delicious steamed leek with candied ginger and lemon, sublime clear mackerel stock with evoo (mind boggling), almond sauce/ soup, oyster grilled unde rcharcoal in shell served with soup of fig and temut pepper and covered... More

on 10 Dec 2019

Rose cake with egg yolk sauce

Crunchy chocolate, 85% creme brûlée

Chocolate sweets with candied fruits and dried fruits

Almond crisp, lemon, turmeric

Hot caramel with orange juice and honey
Lido 84, Lake Garda (Sept 2019)
#lido84 #ristorantelido84 #worlds50best

9 / 10
on 16 Aug 2019

As ever a sensational setting and delicious flavors from Riccardo and team at this one star soon to be two stars

10 / 10
on 10 Aug 2019

Most likely one of the best pasta places you can eat. Extended menu, fully loaded with everything they had that day. A wonderful lunch sitting lakeshore side while indulging into the artistry of the chef. A repeat a must as soon as possible.

10 / 10
on 10 Aug 2019

The ultimate and extended experience in the most amazing setting easy one and soon to be two star or more. Well deservedly!!

9 / 10
Top list
on 20 Jul 2019
10 / 10
on 11 Nov 2018

4th visit in as many months and this is simply sublime cooking and push to bring the best of flavors, I love it!

10 / 10
on 11 Nov 2018

4th visit in as many months and this is simply sublime cooking and push to bring the best of flavors, I love it!

9 / 10
on 06 Oct 2018

Third visit in three months and just love the thoughtful cooking and preparation creating delicious flavors

9 / 10
on 28 Sep 2018

Lido 84 is easily one of the restaurants i'd visit every single week if i could. It was opened by Riccardo Camanini and his brother Giancarlo in March 2014. Just six months later, it was awarded a Michelin star, and today it’s one of the most well-respected restaurants in Italy.

10 / 10
on 22 Sep 2018

2nd visit and blown away again by intense flavors, highly skilled cooking in a super location and are raising the bar! Visit them before it becomes impossible!

9 / 10
on 11 Aug 2018

Amazing flavors for pasta and risotto lovers that on a summer day like this is an easy two stars place. In the outdoor season Jun/Sep ask for table 24.

Recommended in Gardone Riviera


Corso Giuseppe Zanardelli, 196, 25083 Gardone Riviera BS, Italy


Open hours


+39 0365 20019