Lunch at Restaurant Lido 84

Lunch at Restaurant Lido 84

at Lido 84 on 11 August 2018
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Amazing flavors for pasta and risotto lovers that on a summer day like this is an easy two stars place. In the outdoor season Jun/Sep ask for table 24.

9 / 10

The entrance

View from Lake Garda

Chia crackers, spinach and ginger and daikon

Sneaky watermelon and coconut skin

Perch in figs oil mayonnaise with burnt fig leaf

Tempura cod belly and herbs

Spaghetti in butter and yeast cracklings

Insane 40 days in sea water fermented black garlic risotto and raspberries

The famous and super tasty pigs bladder penne cacio e pepe

Sweetbread and carrot

40 hours cooked ox cheek

Burnt variations of choko brûlée

White chocolate with nuts and candied fruits

Tartufo chocolate

Lido 84