Lunch at Restaurant Lido 84

Lunch at Restaurant Lido 84

at Lido 84 on 22 September 2018
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2nd visit and blown away again by intense flavors, highly skilled cooking in a super location and are raising the bar! Visit them before it becomes impossible!

10 / 10

The sign

The terrazzo

The view

A tea for my soar throat

Ginger spinach, radish and breads

Leek topped with mozzarella and a salty caper hidden under coconut milk skin

Funky hoof of cow mussels from Sicily with porcini cream

Tripe of cod in tempura with honey and ginger sparkled wild fennel powder

Wild parsley tagliatelle with porcini crumbles

Yummy fig leaf risotto

8 hours cooked veal tongue, grilled and served with five spices and dried peppers and skin of baby orange

Smoked, fried sardine of the lake with honey/lemon sauce

In its glory

Tahitian vanilla ice cream with soaked bread in milk and sugar with blackberry glaze