Lunch at Restaurant Lido 84

Lunch at Restaurant Lido 84

at Lido 84 on 11 November 2018
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4th visit in as many months and this is simply sublime cooking and push to bring the best of flavors, I love it!

10 / 10

The flax seed cracker now with red cabbage in vinegar and turnip

The tea

Pumpkin/orange soup

Broth of snails with extra virgin oil

Wannabe risotto of cuttlefish with mushroom sauce and bay leaf

Tempura tripe of perch from the lake dusted with honey/mandarin and fennel seeds

Linguini cooked in squid ink with black trumpet mushrooms braised in Masala

Angelotti stuffed with beef tail with insane white melon mustard in herb redux

The infamous cacio e pepe prepared in pigs stomach by pouring hot water continuously

Beef tongue with five spices and ginger with dried peppers and cured lemon

The mash ratio 1:1

Smoked and grilled eel with daikon and sauce of bread crumbs, vinegar and horseradish

The orange cake of corn flour and Grand Marnier ice cream

The nougat

The chocolate

The caramel