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Tatsuaki Kasamoto



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on 05 Mar 2021

Tempura of wagyu tenderloin (center cut) rolled with shiso leaf, the icon of Takiya



Takiya | Azabu Juban, Tokyo

#takiya #azabujubantakiya #tokyoeats #tempura #tokyotempura #beeftempura #wagyu... More

on 08 Feb 2021

The quality of the tempura here is excellent and the atmosphere of the place was great.. that Hiroshi Senju piece on the back wall completed the picture for me. But for me, there was just something a little bit off.. maybe it was the small misunderstanding with the wrong number of seats, which to be honest can happen sometimes. But I felt that because of that there was a general avoidance of our end of the table throughout the whole evening. Or perhaps it was... More

on 27 Dec 2020

Great dinner at Takiya, the last high end tempura spot on my list that I hadn’t visited. Oddly enough, also the closest to my house. I’d love to go back, but they wouldn’t let me make a return booking as I left.

on 17 Jun 2020

(SWIPE FOR MORE PICS) Perfect Ayu Tempura @[instagram] 麻布十番たきや Azabu Juban Takiya, Tokyo (Jun 2019). These are the beautiful Ayu tempura, a seasonal treat for summer. All the fins still held in shape and held the ayu in position. They did not even curl, must be the treatment by the chef to make it stay in this position. I think that was absolutely flawless.
IMO tempura is one of the best ways to enjoy ayu , the crispy tempura batter with the tender meat of small ayu and the bitterness... More

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Japan, 〒106-0045 Tokyo, Minato City, Azabujūban, 2-chōme−8−6 ラベイユ 2階


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+81 3-6804-1732