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Tate Dining Room Hong Kong


Average rating from 2 meals 5.5 / 10
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Vicky Lau


Innovative, Chinese French

Foodle Reviews

on 03 Nov 2023

Jade menu @tatediningroom

- Tofu sphere, flower crab, caviar, colourful oil -
- Cepes, jarusalem artichoke, ear fungus, celtuce -
- Seabass, green olive, lemongrass foam -
- Blue lobster, rice roll, hoisan, oyster sauce -
- Lamb, saddle roulade, neck, sichuan pepper -
- Oolong, apple, mascarpone, ice cream -

Finesse dining by @chefvickylau 🥰

on 26 Apr 2021

Since the pandemic, this is the 6th series of 2⭐️⭐️ @tatediningroom by @chefvickylau’s single ingredient Friday & Saturday lunch series, ODE TO EARTH, shining light on VEGETABLES.

The best part of the meal (aside from the wonderful dishes) is that I did not remotely feel like I was eating vegetarian food as it is a real challenge to make vegetables taste this good with this level of finesse.

If you talk to @chefvickylau and chef @mximeagilbert... More

7 / 10
on 06 Dec 2019

Vicky Lau was not always a cook, in fact she first studied Graphic Design at NYU in New York City. And it shows. For example the passion for every single detail in the dining room. The decor, the shadow the mirror plate throws to the wall when a dish gets served, the Chinoiserie trolly for mignardises surprise, nothing has been left to chance, everything is completely thought out and finished. Stunning.

The same applies to her dishes, each plating produces a piece of art the way the components... More

4 / 10
on 21 Apr 2017

The food at Vicky Lau's Tate Dining Room has always been interesting and fairly delicious, and this dinner was no exception - featuring the "All the Odes" menu.

Unfortunately there were so many screw-ups in terms of service that my anger is simmering the whole evening. Will not return.

Full account of dinner is here:

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210 Hollywood Rd, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong


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+852 2555 2172