Crap service at Tate Dining Room & Bar

Crap service at Tate Dining Room & Bar

at Tate Dining Room on 21 April 2017
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The food at Vicky Lau's Tate Dining Room has always been interesting and fairly delicious, and this dinner was no exception - featuring the "All the Odes" menu.

Unfortunately there were so many screw-ups in terms of service that my anger is simmering the whole evening. Will not return.

Full account of dinner is here:

4 / 10

I. Ode to Soya Sauce: tuna with steam fish soya sauce and scallion oil

III. Ode to Umami: miso grilled kinmedai with kinome purée and white asparagus

VI. Ode to Sakura Ebi: lobster tagliolini with crispy sakura ebi

END. Ode to Zen: mignardise