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Yuichi Arai



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on 22 Apr 2024

Maguro at Sushi Arai ~
Magnificent and exquisite
No filter needed ❤️
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on 30 Mar 2024

Thank you fairyfoodmother 🧚🏻‍♀️ // one of the yummiest tuna tried, love the soup with olive oil with clam, raw crab marinated sake, and that gari su soda drink is so lifechanging 👏🏼🍣👏🏼💛🎉

on 14 Mar 2024

Tabelog 4.61 🥇⁣

Chef Arai was a supernova when he first opened Sushi Arai back in 2015 because of his one-of-a-kind CV that encompasses experience in both Kyubey [久兵衛] style and Sushi Sho [壽司匠] style. Right after graduating from culinary school, he began his sushi career at Kyubey, and eventually spent 8 years at this training ground. Then, he moved on to another discipline, Sushi Sho at Yotsuya, working alongside the master Chef Nakazawa who later left Japan for good, for... More

on 05 Mar 2024

Otoro - Jabara

The fattiest cut of the tuna.
An amazing mouthful of delicious tuna at Sushi Arai in Tokyo.

Wonderful Oma Maguro by @yamayuki.official

#paris #sushi #sushi🍣 #nigiri #france #パリ #フランス #food #reels #foodie #japan #ginza #tokyo #japanesefood #explore #explorepage

on 28 Feb 2024

🏆🍣🐟 Best Tuna (Maguro) I’ve ever had in my life at Sushi Arai (Main Counter) in Ginza!!!! So flavorful and some ultra fatty pieces. Classic and some special ultra rare parts of the tuna were also served by Arai-San. So crazy good I’m dying to go back! Arigato @gee.asakawa

on 27 Feb 2024

some of the best Nigiri I’ve had at Sushi Arai, Ginza (Main Counter)
Akagai (Red Clam) 2 parts
Torigai (鳥貝 / Japanese Cockle)
Ika (Squid)
Kuruma Ebi
Double Portion of melt in your mouth Anago
Heartwarming Shirako Rice

on 27 Feb 2024

Next level Otsumami at Sushi Arai, Ginza 💣
- Oyster
- Scallops with togarashi, shiso, katsuobushi, and nori
- Kinmedai with ponzu and nagi
- Tachio Fish with grated radish and lime
- insanely delicious Kujira from Iceland with negi and shoga sauce
- Gigantic Shirako with ume

on 19 Feb 2024

👈⬅👈⬅ スワイプ SWIPE 👈⬅👈

The Tabelog Award 2024 Gold 受賞店の『鮨あらい』さんです。


#中とろ... More

on 01 Feb 2024

Akami Zuke ~

Marinated bluefin tuna and one of my favorite preparations when it comes to Sushi.

Truly brillant work by Yuki Usui at Sushi Arai! One of the best in Tokyo
#paris #sushi #sushi🍣 #nigiri #france #パリ #フランス #food #reels #foodie #japan #ginza #tokyo #japanesefood #explore #explorepage... More

on 20 Dec 2023

See that little white "shaded" area on this piece of tuna? That is a sliver of suji (tendon), indicating this is "hagashi" - tender belly meat cut from between the sinew for maximum "melting" tenderness. Most people reading these captions probably know what hagashi is, but it's always nice to see some visual evidence of this ultra-luxurious cut.
Arai offers a nigiri-only lunch a few days every week, and that was the menu I enjoyed here back in September. It's pretty substantial for lunch course... More

on 19 Dec 2023

I last visited Sushi Arai in 2015. At that point, he had just ceased using two types of shari, and was still in a basement space that would later become a second counter helmed by @mei3158. The restaurant was surprisingly austere - wooden tiles on the wall with the day's menu, low ceilings, and no pottery or ikebana. It reminded me more of #鶴八 or #新橋しみづ than one of Ginza's sushi temples, or #すし匠 , where Arai-san spent the bulk of his... More

on 20 Nov 2021

At Sushi Arai, the master was tired of people spending the whole meal taking photos of his sushi, so now you are only allowed photos of the tuna. 🍣 Do you like this rule? Or are you sad that you can't put it all on the gram?

9 / 10
on 30 Apr 2021

Arai san is arguably in the top tier of Edomae sushi restaurants in Tokyo. He used to host his guest in the basement of a mindern building in Ginza. Now he has emerged from the cellar to the second floor and created a very beautiful space. The basement was now given to his apprentice Mei Ko hos is now ruling the former main counter.
With the move came now rules. No photos and phones (except the maguro).
Irregardless of these rules the quality and execution is still flawless and so tasty.
The... More

on 28 Apr 2021

It had been four years and two months since my previous visit to Sushi Arai. My notes from that meal say “fantastic! This place is going to get crazy busy”.

Sadly, I was far too accurate. Now quite hard to book, and deservedly so. Arai-san is doing great work, so much so that he moved upstairs to a larger space shortly after this meal.

Top level sushi, a must-go.

on 09 Apr 2021

Sushi Arai recently took over another floor in the building, so Ms. Mei has the basement all to herself.

on 09 Mar 2021

鮨 あらい
Consistent, top level sushi for me. The punchy shari and quality neta hit at the right balance and one of my favourite places for otsumami in Tokyo.
#料理 #レストラン #東京 #食事 #food #foodie #foodstagram #stuffieat #kevcheeats #kevchetokyo #kevche #kevchesushi #sushi #kevcheginza... More

8 / 10
on 12 Jul 2020

High end Sushi Arai has two counters. The side counters is manned (or in this case womanned) by the head apprentice of the head chef. You get the same fish, same preparation and shari, but obviously a different nigiri forming personality. Mei Kogo is one of the very few female sushi chefs in a high end shushiya in Japan. This is because of this absurd myth that females have not the correct body temperature for forming the nigiri. Not only did she manage to become the head apprentice but she will... More

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Japan, 〒104-0061 Tokyo, Chuo City, Ginza, 8-chōme−10−2 ルアンビル 地下1F


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+81 3-6264-5855