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on 21 Jun 2024

[한/日/EN] #鮨はしもと (Sushi Hashimoto/ 스시 하시모토)

“Sushi Hashimoto”, a Michelin-starred(As of 2024) Edomae Sushi restaurant in Shintomicho.
신토미쵸에 위치한 미슐랭 1스타 에도마에 스시레스토랑 “스시 하시모토”

夏にはおまかせコースとシャンパンが進むと、お客さんに人気。お店のこだわりは赤酢と米酢をバランスよくブレンドしたシャリや、毎朝豊洲で仕入れている新鮮な魚介類、握りを通して季節感に合わせて味わえる。最近のコースでは枝豆、桜エビの茶碗蒸し、鰯の海苔巻きなどのおつまみ、握りには春子鯛... More

on 23 Apr 2024

Lunch at Sushi Hashimoto - helmed by Hiroyuki Hashimoto who had trained under Sugita San at Miyakozushi. The otsumami were more impressive than the nigiri with creative appetizers such as the firefly squid with rice, the hamaguri chawanmushi made with soy milk, and the katsuo with cooked sweet onions. All of the nigiri were very solid but just that none really stood out. Still the lunch was a lovely one with a relaxing atmosphere with the friendly Hashimoto San at the counter.

Our omakase:

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on 10 Feb 2024

[한/日/EN] #鮨はしもと (Sushi Hashimoto/ 스시 하시모토)

“Sushi Hashimoto”, a Michelin-starred Edomae Sushi restaurant in Shintomicho.
신토미쵸에 위치한 미슐랭 1스타 에도마에 스시레스토랑 “스시 하시모토”

あのミシュラン三つ星で有名な「日本橋蛎殻町 すぎた」の伝統的な江戸前鮨+店主の橋本氏が新しく作る料理も見逃せないとお客さんに人気。。お店のこだわりは、赤酢と米酢をバランスがいいシャリと、新鮮な魚介類、握りを通して季節感に合わせて味わえること。コースの最初には海老芋、茶碗蒸し(真鱈白子入り)、鰯海苔巻などののおつまみから北寄貝、大トロ、車海老、縞鯵などの握りが楽しめる。アルコールペアリングと一緒におつまみや、握りが最高と他の来客したシェフからもオススメとの事。
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on 07 Jan 2024

📍Sushi Hashimoto📍 鮨 はしもと 🏆Tabelog 4.35🏆Tabelog Silver🥈🏆Michelin⭐️

on 05 Jan 2024

📍Sushi Hashimoto📍 鮨 はしもと 🏆Tabelog 4.35🏆Tabelog Silver🥈🏆Michelin⭐️

Thank you for the recommendation @davidyang12488 !

on 06 Dec 2023

Hashimoto-san's tsumami format is very similar to his master (pics here are in reverse order). There is sashimi served directly on the counter, chawanmushi, a chinmi selection, yakimono and a norimaki (pending seasonal availability of saba or iwashi). But they are delivered a bit more quickly, and there are a few tweaks. The sashimi at Sugita is almost always flatfish, but here it often includes clams. And the norimaki is a little more rustic, has more takuan, and larger in size. They are also served... More

on 29 Nov 2023

Sushi Hashimoto (April 2023). Now entering a series of posts on "sushiya that are good and you actually at least have a chance of booking." Sick of 'grammers incessantly posting the Arai tuna rainbow, or smiling photos of Amamoto-san and Saito-san? Doesn't it feel like they are all just here to display their superiority and access over you? No, that's just me? Well, ok then 😵‍💫.
The #1 question I get asked on this platform is how and if a certain place can be booked. I don't... More

on 15 Nov 2023

2023.09 #鮨はしもと (Sushi Hashimoto/ 스시 하시모토)


“Sushi Hashimoto”, a michelin-starred(As of 2023) Edomae Sushi restaurant located a 5 minute walk from Shintomicho Station
신토미쵸역으로부터 도보 5분거리에 위치한 미슐랭 1스타 에도마에 스시레스토랑 “스시 하시모토”

大将 橋本... More

on 14 Jul 2023

Solid meal at Sushi Hashimoto as always. Such consistency on quality, techniques, balance and service, yet still not too difficult to book. •

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on 04 Feb 2021

鮨 はしもと
はしもとさんはすぎたさんで12年間働いた後、2014年にオリジナルショップをオープンしました。最近、新富町に移転し、寿司を楽しむ人々に大人気です。 赤酢と米酢をブレンドしたシャリのバランスがしっかりしているので、強いシャリの味を楽しむ人にぴったりの場所です。楽しかったです。
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8 / 10
on 07 Oct 2020

I have had meals ay Miyako Sushi, the place where Hashimoto-san started his career. However, his Omakase shows that he has higher ambitions than his sensei.
Excellent prices, well aged and paired with a great Shari.

on 06 Dec 2017

Sushi Hashimoto (鮨 はしもと), Tokyo (April 2017)

Recommended in Tokyo


Japan, 〒104-0041 Tokyo, Chuo City, Shintomi, 1-chōme−8−2, Grandir Ginza East, 1F


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