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on 19 Jun 2022

🇫🇷 wow❗️ 🤯 this meal at @restaurantmirazur 🌟🌟🌟🍀 quickly became one the best meals of the year 💥💥💥 • After earning 3 stars on the @michelinguide and winning 🥇 best restaurant in the world by @theworlds50best @maurocolagreco does not rest on his laurels and has evolved the experience into extraordinary levels of food and hospitality 🙏🙌

on 29 Jan 2021

Sweets to finish the meal
My next stop on the tour was a quick hop over the channel to France for another visit to World’s 50 Best Restaurants current #1 and 3⭐️ Michelin Mirazur in Menton. I have eaten here a few times but this was my first visit since it was awarded the W50B top spot.
I have to say that in my opinion, and this is very much just my opinion, I think that the popularity garnered since being awarded the W50B top spot has damaged the diner’s experience. They seem... More

on 26 Jun 2019

@restaurantmirazur yesterday topped the @theworlds50best 2019 list. What do you think? Does it deserve it’s place at the top? And now with the 50 Best rules changing, it will be consigned to the ‘Best of the Best Hall of Fame’ together with restaurants like Noma and Osteria Francescana who have gained No 1 multiple times. Is that not like banning Roger Federer from competing again having won his first Grand Slam?
I have had many good meals at Mirazur and personally would... More

9 / 10
Top list
on 13 Jun 2019

One of the two new three stars in France, it is set above the Mediterranean sea close to the Italian border with a stunning view.

The food, even though the Chef comes from Argentina, is modern, classic French, reflecting his work at places like Arpège and Ducasse in Paris.

The menu is tilted heavily towards vegetables from their own gardens (3!), combined with fruits to add acidity and sometimes luxurious ingredients like caviar. The only meat course, the pigeon was perfectly cooked with a beautiful... More

9 / 10
on 01 Dec 2018

Great pop up dinner by Mauro Collagreco and his team at the NH Hotel in Madrid
At this pop up dinner occasion a menu called the “Roots” was served with 3 welcome tapas, 13 courses, amuse bouche and wine pairing. Each course appeared with elegant plating composition, exciting textures and perfect timing with the selected wines.
Probably the technology of the Mirazur dishes were a bit too complicated for the kitchen facility of NH Eurobuilding. But despite of the challenging circumstances we... More

8 / 10
on 04 Oct 2018

Not my favourite meal in Mirazur** but always a lovely spot.

10 / 10
Top list
on 08 Jul 2018

Amazing and delicious dinner at Mirazur, with fresh produce from the gardens and nearby. One of my best meals of the year.

Full account of dinner is here: http://www.diarygrowingboy.com/2018/07/europe-2018-day-9-franco-italian.html

9 / 10
on 17 May 2018

Dinner last Thursday at ⭐️⭐️ Mirazur in Menton. Having visited Mauro Colagreco’s restaurant 6 times now over the years, its been a bit of a rollercoaster. Generally it’s good. You don’t reach #4 on the 50 Best Restaurant list by having a bad restaurant (although mediocre restaurants have been known to approach those heady heights

8 / 10
Top list
on 01 Aug 2017

Colourful and flavourful Mediterranean creations of Mauro Colagreco

on 11 Apr 2017

Matcha cookie and gorgonzola tart | Hibiscus macaron | Grapes
Mirazur, Menton (Oct 2016)

Recommended in Menton


30 Avenue Aristide Briand, 06500 Menton, France


Open hours


+33 4 92 41 86 86