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Jade Dragon Macau

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on 28 Jan 2018

Part of the multi-day marathon arranged by the marvellous Peter Chang.
Jade Dragon in Macau beat the multi stage & day competition of “who is cooking the best suckling pig”. But not just, by a mile!
The consistency, taste, texture and flavour cannot be bettered. It almost disappears in your mouth leaving only a very happy face.
Overall an exquisite meal which in my view beats hands-down most of the 3 star places in HK.
Rumour has it that the Chef will move, this would be very bad news for the Jade Dragon and excellent for the new place. I am sure to go there as soon as it opens.

Top list
on 28 Jan 2018

An absolutely delicious lunch with a menu set by Chef Tam. Very refined dim sum items, the wonderful iberico collar char siu (barbecued pork), and the best stuffed suckling pig.

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on 03 Mar 2018

a celebratory dinner with some of the finest Cantonese cuisine, including great barbecued iberico pluma and a stuffed suckling pig.

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on 23 Apr 2016

An eye-opening dinner where char siu (barbecued pork) made with two different cuts of Iberico pork faced off

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Estrada do Istmo e da Universidade de Ciencia e Tecnologia de Macau, 2 Andar (L2) e 3 Andar (L2M), Sala F210 do Hotel Crown Towers, COTAI (City of Dreams), Macau


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+853 8868 2822