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9 / 10
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on 14 Apr 2019

Kelvin Au Yeung took over when Tam Kwok Fung left for the Wynn Palace. Some people say that JD has been better since then and I can understand why they say this.
The signature dishes like the best suckling pig are still there, expertly executed. Slowly other dishes created by the new team get introduced. The Fish Maw In Rabbitfish Soup is one of them, a great dish, very well calibrated and refined. I am very happy.

9 / 10
on 14 Apr 2019

Very nice lunch at Jade Dragon, my first visit since Chef Au Yeung took over.

Full account of lunch is here: https://www.diarygrowingboy.com/2019/04/10-days-in-3-cities-day-2-elegant-dragon.html

9 / 10
on 03 Mar 2018

a celebratory dinner with some of the finest Cantonese cuisine, including great barbecued iberico pluma and a stuffed suckling pig.

Full post on dinner is here:

9 / 10
on 28 Jan 2018

Part of the multi-day marathon arranged by the marvellous Peter Chang.
Jade Dragon in Macau beat the multi stage & day competition of “who is cooking the best suckling pig”. But not just, by a mile!
The consistency, taste, texture and flavour cannot be bettered. It almost disappears in your mouth leaving only a very happy face.
Overall an exquisite meal which in my view beats hands-down most of the 3 star places in HK.
Rumour has it that the Chef will move, this would be very bad news... More

10 / 10
Top list
on 28 Jan 2018

An absolutely delicious lunch with a menu set by Chef Tam. Very refined dim sum items, the wonderful iberico collar char siu (barbecued pork), and the best stuffed suckling pig.

Full account of lunch is here:

9 / 10
on 23 Apr 2016

An eye-opening dinner where char siu (barbecued pork) made with two different cuts of Iberico pork faced off

Full account of dinner is here:

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Estrada do Istmo e da Universidade de Ciencia e Tecnologia de Macau, 2 Andar (L2) e 3 Andar (L2M), Sala F210 do Hotel Crown Towers, COTAI (City of Dreams), Macau


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