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on 16 Jan 2024

Crunchy and melt-in-your-mouth at the same time. “The egg and the chicken” @belcanto_joseavillez

on 30 Dec 2023

A última (e única) visita ao Belcanto tinha ocorrido há uns longínquos 9 anos, aproveitando a visita ao restaurante para entrevistar @joseavillez, no âmbito da minha tese de mestrado sobre ‘Alta Cozinha e Arte’ (a quem interessar, basta fazer esta pesquisa no Google, é o 1.o link), ainda barba rija me faltava, um aprendiz a iniciar-me nos estudos sobre o vasto mundo da gastronomia.
A experiência foi marcante, e entre as obras primas que à boca foram bem recordo o tremoço... More

on 12 Jun 2023

Finesse @belcanto_joseavillez part II

- Golden egg, hay, truffle, hazelnut, mushroom -
- Shrimp, curry, cauliflower, green apple -
- Hake, coriander, garlic, leek, caviar -
- Squab, artichoke, mushroom, pastel de massa -
- Suckling pig, orange, lettuce, potato -
- Smoked ham, ice cream, pata negra -
- Strawberry, whipped cream, olive, basil, mint -

Foodtastic experience by @joseavillez


#Oadtop100 #thebestchefawards... More

on 09 Jun 2023

Finesse @belcanto_joseavillez part I

- Rice cracker, barnacles, caviar -
- Spider crab, egg yolk, caviar -
- Foie gras & port wine -
- Prawn & chicken skin -
- Smoked and cured mackerel, carrot, emulsion -
- Beetroot, pine nut milk and caviars -

Foodtastic experience by @joseavillez

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on 06 Feb 2023

“Minced squid and roasted chicken skin, egg yolk purée and huacatay”/ “Crispy suckling pig, peppercorn sauce, lettuce heart and puffed potatoes” @belcanto_joseavillez

on 03 Feb 2023

“Smoked and cured horse mackerel with carrots and emulsion” / “Choux with yuzu curd, huacatay and sunflower seeds” @belcanto_joseavillez

on 24 Sep 2022

Another great meal at Belcanto, good balance of technique, flavor and finesse, well worth the 2 stars. •

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on 24 Apr 2021

So good to be back at @belcanto_joseavillez to find once again hospitality at its best and a multitude of recent dishes that are truly outstanding (the cherry gazpacho with almond milk, sharp and creamy, the Jerusalem artichoke in different textures with Lt egg and truffle poultry jus, with plenty of umami, the blue lobster curry and giant red shrimp, utterly delicious, the cured and smoked horse mackerel, the game, coriander and cod sounds....to name a few). #consistency #wechefs... More

on 15 Dec 2020

#family #consistency #resilence #33words #wechefs
Let us not forget to congratulate and salute every single one of the 26 Portuguese restaurants who have kept their Michelin stars, despite the challenges of this devastating year for their businesses
@alma.henriquesapessoa / @henriquesapessoa , Lisboa (**)
@belcanto_joseavillez / @joseavillez , Lisboa (**)
@casachaboanova / @chefruipaula... More

on 11 Feb 2020

Portugal: at a glance. Thanks @mr.holyglory for a fantastic lunch. Let’s do it again soon #belcanto

on 13 Sep 2019

Suckling pig, orange purée, yuzu and black pepper, edible chips, cabbage

Cheese from Serra da Estrela, cured twice (45 days and 4 months)

Maria biscuit cake

Choco, chocolate and cuttlefish ink (“tinta de choco” in Portuguese)
Belcanto, Lisbon (Aug 2019)
#visitlisbon #belcantojoseavillez #belcantorestaurant

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R. Serpa Pinto 10A, 1200-026 Lisboa, Portugal


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+351 21 342 0607