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Prado Lisbon


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António Galapito


Market Cuisine

Foodle Reviews

on 30 Mar 2021

Each table has a story to tell

on 09 Nov 2020

So good to come back to @prado_restaurante this weekend. @antoniogalapito is on top of his game. The times are harsh for restaurants, more constraints have just been mandated by the government for the coming weeks. Somehow places like this are still holding on and cooking really well, miraculously navigating the rising uncertainty. We’re fortunate to have them. The city will need them when we finally overcome this storm. In these pics, “Mussels, chard, coriander, bread”... More

on 06 Mar 2020

A new dish not to miss @prado_restaurante “Sea bream from the Azores, orange, mizuna, and fermented white asparagus”.

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Tv. Pedras Negras 2, 1100-404 Lisboa, Portugal


Open hours


+351 21 053 4649