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on 20 Feb 2024

Our meal then continued with one of the surprise courses that guests can opt for with the menu which turned out to be a signature dish of @andreas_caminada_schauenstein for many years - a mackerel with kohlrabi, avocado and radish! After the main courses, we moved to one of the lounges upstairs to finish the petit fours before leaving the fairy tale town of Furstenau. Thank you chef for the wonderful experience!

The second half of our menu:

“Surprise Course”

Kohlrabi -... More

on 19 Feb 2024

At 3* @schloss_schauenstein, guests have the option between a 3, 4 or 5 course menu. We opted for the 5-course and our meal started on the picturesque terrace with a platter of appetizers. Then we moved into the main dining room for more snacks before starting the main courses.

The first part of our menu:


Kimchi - Crisp
Tartelette - Mountain Cheese
Tartar - Radish
Carrot - Mustard
Kohlrabi - Ponzu
Taco - Ham


Porcini Mushroom

Pea... More

on 15 Sep 2023

Right across the street from ⭐️⭐️⭐️ @schloss_schauenstein you’ll find @oz_vegi, a one-starred vegetarian restaurant, mainly working with the vegetables and fruits coming from the garden of @andreas_caminada_schauenstein further down the road. It’s playful, innovative and utterly delicious. Most of the dishes are even vegan. Don’t miss out on a seat at this counter seat restaurant when visiting Fürstenau 👌

In the picture: grilled zucchini,... More

on 14 Sep 2023

Whitefish, yellow raspberries and chanterelles. One of many excellent servings at the impeccable three Michelin-starred @schloss_schauenstein by @andreas_caminada_schauenstein - this place is all about enjoying the best local ingredients of Graubünden. It is all about the guest at this place, something to highly appreciate 👌
#schlossschauenstein #fürstenau #chanterelles #raspberry #threestars #threemichelinstars... More

on 19 Mar 2023

A highlight of my March/April (22) tour was definitely ⭐️⭐️⭐️ @schloss_schauenstein , @andreas_caminada_schauenstein Andreas Caminada’s flagship restaurant located in the beautiful castle along with fantastic rooms across at Casa Caminada. I was so glad to finally bag this reservation and find three suitably motivated comrades to join me. A must visit restaurant and worth a long drive to get to. Also easy to hit the excellent Memories in Bad Ragaz while in the... More

on 30 Sep 2022

#Now”, one of the 33 keywords of my book We, Chefs” refers to the endless opportunities to express how one interprets the present moment, in unique ways.
At “Oz” (which means “today” in Rhaetian dialect, a group of Romance dialects spoken in Switzerland and northern Italy) - the new vegetarian restaurant from Andreas Caminada led by chef @fritschetimo - they’re beautifully demonstrating it.
A plant-based contemporary cuisine that is not bounded by any particular... More

on 18 Sep 2022

Character and balance.
Remarkable menu from @andreas_caminada_schauenstein with high notes of acidity often coupled with the tanginess (which seem to be both a central element of his cuisine identity), punctuated with moments with more sweetness and/or fat (like the superb dish of caramelised cauliflower with miso, the pork/onion/dry pear, the Char/radish/Buttermilk...).

on 05 Apr 2021

Just one of the many amazing dishes by @andreas_caminada_schauenstein I tried at my recent visit to @schloss_schauenstein in beautiful #domleschg valley. More soon to come in my feature in Welt am Sonntag #foodie#foodgasm #foodtraveller #foodtravel

10 / 10
on 01 Dec 2018

Brilliant lunch with many great flavor combinations and balance combined with amazing wine list and thorough service a safe ⭐️⭐️⭐️ experience

9 / 10
on 22 Oct 2018

A very interesting fourhands dinner with popup chef Gaggan with playful usage of local produce and subtle spicy flavors

10 / 10
on 26 Aug 2018

Chef Andreas Caminada
Modern European
Michelin 3*

on 24 Apr 2018

Huge congratulations to @andreas_caminada and his him on winning the title as the best restaurant in Europe according to @oadtop100 yesterday night. Schloss Schauenstein in Switzerland is certainly a magical place full of passion, excellent cooking and hospitality second to none .
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Schlossgass 77, 7414 Fürstenau, Switzerland


Open hours


0041 (81) 632 1080