Lunch at Schauenstein

Lunch at Schauenstein

at Schloss Schauenstein on 1 December 2018
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Brilliant lunch with many great flavor combinations and balance combined with amazing wine list and thorough service a safe ⭐️⭐️⭐️ experience

10 / 10

The castle

The cellar

The table

Beetroot cone

The nibbles

Frozen gazpacho


The wine Part I


Frozen cabbage

Lobster in own juice and shooter

The bread

Amazing char and yogurt crumble

Mackerel with pepper, avocado and wasabi

The wine part II

Foie gras with five flavors incl lardo and cherry bomb

Neck of pork with lardo in chili oil

Pike perch with pumpkin

Goat with beetroot and broccoli

The cheese choices

The cheese selection

The cheese condiments

Chocolate dessert

The aftermath