Dinner at Schauenstein

Dinner at Schauenstein

at Schloss Schauenstein on 22 October 2018
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A very interesting fourhands dinner with popup chef Gaggan with playful usage of local produce and subtle spicy flavors

9 / 10

The bed

The tub

The hall

The humidor

The fireplace

The decor

The aperitif

Yogurt spheres

Beetroot sorbet cones

Fried buckwheat dough

Hazelnut and foie gras

Carrot tartlet

Mushroom and leek

Lick me garden greens on top of apple, peanut and duck liver

Fake egg of white chocolate with green chili yolk on red chili and fried potato nest

Salat mousse and sorbet with green chili oil

Sea urchin and raspberries in chili cone

Spare ribs with own broth and fried onion mousse

Charcoaled samosa with chai latte yogurt

Perch with radish

Raw scallops with coconut milk sorbet and fried onion topped with green and red chili oil

Banana leaf backed sea bass smoked with cedar wood topped with Bengal mustard paste

Goat with beetroot and Jerusalem artichokes

The bread

The port vindaloo

Flower power fried doughnut with saffron ice cream and pistachio powder

The dark side of the moon chocolate with rainbow flavors

Plum desserts