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Toshiyuki Yoshida


Chinese, Innovative

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on 29 Jan 2024

[한/日/EN] 2023.11 #隼Toshi (토시)

Instagram: @restaurant_toshi
Chef: @toshiyuki_yoshida

六本木にある中華とフレンチのフュージョンレストラン「隼 Toshi」
"Toshi", a French Chinese fusion restaurant in Roppongi.
롯폰기에 위치한 프랑스식 중식 퓨전 레스토랑 "토시(Toshi)"


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on 25 Aug 2023

Some of the best ingredients at a Chinese restaurant in Tokyo.. especially the abalone for today... most of these are shipped off to Hong Kong and the likes, with just a small percentage kept for local top restos... seriously shiny goods. The wok-show is indeed largely a show, but for Chinese cooking, the most important tool for a chef... the sound of the afterburners as the BTUs are pumping through always evokes salivation and excitement as to what is to... More

9 / 10
on 30 Apr 2022

Toshi never fails. This young Chef (32) works with high intensity to push himself and his offering to new limits. He constantly experiments with flavors and explores new combinations.
Besides classics like shark fin in Foie gras sauce, he produce some new, excellent dishes.
Always worth the trip to Roppongi

9 / 10
on 01 Feb 2022

Yoshida-san gets better and better. The framework stays more or less the same (if you can read kanji or Chinese you will understand that the menu does not describe the course, it more like a general description).
Of course there were the classics, the deep black ball to start off, this time filled with uni and pineapple, shark fin in Foie gras sauce with truffles, the 春まき (spring roll) filled with crab meat, the glazed Yamagata beef with sweet potatoe, all of this very, very good.
However,... More

9 / 10
on 09 Nov 2021

Toshi keeps on delivering. As it is in season the menu started with the Shanghai crab, in perfect temperature and succulent, almost decadent.
The hammerhead shark fin with Foie Grass sauce is so rich and tasty. And in between one gets an array of vegetables which are so sweet that one thinks the have been rolled in sugar.
Excellent place with great food, excellent wine pairing and wonderful hospitality.

on 12 Aug 2021

12 B de B&K — PN from Aube, very rich and ripe, some oxidative notes. It’s definitely got the complexity and length but a bit more freshness would be nice. The 17 Martray CC on the other hand, was fresh, pure and zesty. Precise structure and minerally texture, especially for a Corton. A decade of cellaring would definitely be rewarding.

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7 / 10
on 16 Jun 2021

Innovative, creative, skillful and delicious.

on 29 May 2021

Another excellent modern Chinese meal at @restaurant_toshi. This was my third time, and it’s been consistently excellent. Wine pairings are also some of the best in town, with real depth and quality for a fair price. Watching chef work the wok over a gigantic flame makes for a fun show as well. Highly recommended.

on 24 Jan 2021

1975 Clos de Tart クロ ド タール
Perhaps the oldest Clos de Tart i have tasted. Unexpected to say the least. There was some varnish on the nose and to start with but quite a strong sweet red berry on both nose and palate. The sweetness was reminiscent of some older wines which had doses of Gamay or something else in it. Not something I expected from this. It feels a little tired on the palate and doesn't have much complexity. Relatively short finish.
Single... More

on 14 Nov 2020

Absolutely outstanding modern Chinese at @restaurant_toshi. The wine pairing is a must — included things like Latour, d’Yquem, etc.

8 / 10
on 24 Oct 2020

High end Chinese place in Tokyo. Certainly nothing for the purist seeking original Chinese cuisine. However a fun place with an incredible wok powered by something which must be an US army grade flamethrower.
The food is very tasty with some interesting flavor combinations and flavors. The presentation is more French than Chinese but very well done.
The sommelier endeared himself to me in suggesting that the “regular” wine pairing is much better value than the prestige one, it then turned... More

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Japan, 〒106-0032 Tokyo, Minato City, Roppongi, 4-chōme−4−2, Hillside Palace Roppongi, 地下1階


Open hours


+81 3-6875-4245