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Yosuke Suga


Innovative cuisine, Fusion cuisine, Creative cuisine, French

Foodle Reviews

on 27 Apr 2021

Sugalabo 3rd visit — best meal here so far. A lot of food as always, really enjoyed the spring veggies. The tomato and mozzarella in the salad dish were unbelievable! •

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on 13 Mar 2021

Sugalabo, February. Excellent, as always. Impeccable ingredients, perfect technique. @yosuke_suga is indisputably a master.

Great wine pairings as well, including Chave Hermitage by the glass - always a treat.

on 24 Feb 2021

My first KRUG Champagne 🍾


KRUG Grande Cuvée 168ème Édition

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9 / 10
on 26 Nov 2018

Yosuke Suga joined the Joel Robuchon Group at the age of 25. He then worked his way up to become executive Chef and opened a number of restaurants for the group.

He opened up his own place in Tokyo in 2014. His training and background is French, but he sources as many ingredients from Japan as possible. He closes the restaurant each month to travel through Japan in order to find more products he could use. The technique is classical, pure, honest and flawless. The flavours strong but not over... More

on 23 Sep 2018

Some highlights from Sugalabo. Easily one of the best restaurants in the world. Impeccable technique and quality. Too many great dishes to fit in one post.

on 17 Apr 2018

More Sugalabo, because oh my god.

on 13 Apr 2018

Sugalabo, Tokyo (July 2017)

9 / 10
on 24 Nov 2017

The man behind Sugalabo is Yosuke Suga (須賀洋介) who was trained under Robuchon in Paris. He started as an assistant of Joel Robuchon, followed by executive chef at L'Atelier de Jo Robuchon Paris before he opened Sugalabo in April 2015. Sugalabo offers upscale French food in a laboratory style, Chef Yosuke focuses on every single elements from ingredients, tableware to cookware to give the guest the best culinary tour, by blending Japanese and French elements in the best possible ways.

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Japan, 〒106-0041 Tōkyō-to, Minato-ku, Azabudai, 1 Chome−11, 港区麻布台1丁目11−10 日総第22ビル 1F


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