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on 15 Aug 2020

(SWIPE FOR MORE PICS) Jang Trio (Pic 1-2) is the dessert from Mingle in Seoul
since day 1. It is also in Hansik Goo. The 3 “Jang” referred to :

Ganjang (Soy Sauce)
Doenjang (Fermented Soy Bean Paste)
Gochujang (Fermemted Chilli Paste)
and they were incorporated in the dessert with vanilla I ice cream, Doenjang (Soy bean paste) Creme brûlée, Ganjang (soy sauce) glazed pecan and rice puff dusted with Gochujang powder.

You can imagine the savory, sweet and spicy taste (even the flavor... More

on 30 Nov 2019

Wonderful dinner at @mingles_restaurant capped off a week in Seoul. The aesthetic and food was very much my style. Enjoyed some excellent champagne with dinner as well, 2004 Tarlant Meunier.

on 30 Aug 2018

Peach (Peachimi): Peach and dongchimi (Korean radish water kimchi) sorbet, poached peach compote, vanilla meringue
Jang Trio: 'Doen-Jang' crème brûlée, 'Gan-jang' pecan, 'Gochu-Jang' blackrice, vanilla ice cream, whisky foam
Rice cake, seaweed cracker, passionfruit jelly
Mingles, Seoul (Sept 2017)
#mingles #visitsouthkorea #visitseoul

8 / 10
on 28 Aug 2017

A very long dinner with a ton of dishes, some of them compliments of the chef. Overall I found there was good balance of flavors in many of the dishes - ranging from clean and pure to full-bodied and rich.

Full description of the dinner is here:

Recommended in Seoul


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