Overloaded dinner at Mingles

Overloaded dinner at Mingles

with Jason Wang and Grace Chen at Mingles on 28 August 2017
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A very long dinner with a ton of dishes, some of them compliments of the chef. Overall I found there was good balance of flavors in many of the dishes - ranging from clean and pure to full-bodied and rich.

Full description of the dinner is here:

8 / 10

Summer veg and shrimp: eggplant, tomato 'namul', 'banga' pesto, poached shrimp

Summer zucchini 1: green and yellow zucchini, basil infused zucchini consomme

Korean beef: high quality striploin, 'jang' consomme sauce, seasonable vegetables

Jang noodle

Jang trio