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on 23 Nov 2018

Avant-garde and surrealist visuals. A very theatrical experience, to say the least. The cuisine was created with great technical skill... with influences from Asia. A true feast for all of the senses!
Michelin 3*

on 12 Jan 2016

So called collaboration dinner between DiverXo and Alinea in Madrid. The whole "collaboration" turned out to be two slightly shortened tasting menu in separate locations. So the dinners who started at DiverXo went through the entire meal and around 11pm were escorted across the street into the Alinea pop up location and restarted a second meal with cocktails.
Anyway, in a direct manu a manu Grant Achatz won hands down.

Recommended in Madrid


NH Eurobuilding, Calle de Padre Damián, 23, 28036 Madrid, Spain


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+34 915 70 07 66