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Taizhou, Taizhou Cuisine

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on 24 Apr 2024

📍Xin Rong Ji📍 新栄記

Incredible sommelier and pairing at xinrongji_akasaka

Especially loved the Eau de Vie de Prunes de Mouton Rothschild & 新政 見えざるピンクのユニコーン

12 Michelin stars in China and Hong Kong
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on 21 Mar 2024

Some of the tasty dishes at Xin Rong Ji HK. Living in Japan, I’ve really missed the authentic flavors and round table banquet style dining •

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on 03 Jan 2024

Stunning sweet potato with honey. Quite hard to take a decent picture when dining with 14 other hungry family members 😂😂#yumiHK please excuse my poor photo taking skill😂

📍Xin Rong Ji HK

on 03 Jan 2024

Best turnip of my life, no joke, amazing! Please someone open a branch in Singapore.. (please not another japanese resto) #yumiHK

📍 Xin Rong Ji HK

7 / 10
on 03 Oct 2023

It's difficult to do a fine dining Chinese restaurant justice when there are just 3 people for lunch, but I tried to order a few dishes that I thought would be interesting. Taizhou cuisine is very seafood-driven as it sits on the coast of Zhejiang Province, and I seldom order meat dishes when I come...

Full account of lunch is here: https://www.diarygrowingboy.com/2023/10/geruhage-hk-tour-day-5-same-same-but.html

7 / 10
on 05 Oct 2018

Pretty good dinner with parents, with dishes delivering favors familiar to my family.

Full account of dinner is here: https://www.diarygrowingboy.com/2018/10/dads-bday-2018-familiar-flavors.html

8 / 10
on 29 Mar 2018

First time visiting this famous import from China, which focuses on fresh seafood from the East China Sea. We ended up being comped by the owner.

Full account of dinner is here: https://www.diarygrowingboy.com/2018/03/they-knew-who-we-were.html

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138號 Lockhart Rd, Wan Chai, Hong Kong


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+852 3462 3516