First dinner at Xin Rong Ji

First dinner at Xin Rong Ji

at Xin Rong Ji on 29 March 2018
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First time visiting this famous import from China, which focuses on fresh seafood from the East China Sea. We ended up being comped by the owner.

Full account of dinner is here:

8 / 10

Golden brown cutlass fish (黃金脆帶魚)

Yellow croaker porridge with shepherd's purse (薺菜黃魚羹)

Home-style pomfret (家燒鯧魚)

Sweet potato noodles with sea anemones (沙蒜燒豆麵)

Razor clams with chili (辣燒長街蟶)

Tofu with salted pork (刀板香鹹肉鹽滷豆腐)