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on 04 Apr 2024

Unforgettable experience @qiqedacosta

- Duck liver, pine cones, parsnip, blueberry -
- Pate en croute -
- Beef leg, arroz rice, chick peas, mint, cumin -
- Socarrat -
- Duck, pickled onion, pomegranate, beetroot -
- Piluka’s box -
- Horchata, pine oil, pine cones, tigernut milk -

A must visit when in the Valenciana area…

on 03 Apr 2024

Unforgettable experience @qiqedacosta

- Almond cake, kefir bread, black truffle -
- Tuna, anchovies, tomatoes, garlic -
- Kaiseki, abelona, tuna belly, smoked jerky -
- Whiting, pavia, eggplant, grape -
- Whiting brioche, mussels, tear peas -
- Red prawn of Denia -
- White on Black II -

A must visit when in the Valenciana area…

on 11 Jul 2023

Highlights of my fantastic meal in Quique Dacosta Restaurante in Dénia, Spain. A modern 3-star Michelin establishment with an abundance of creative seafood dishes, with a special focus on amazing i gredients and the chef’s vision!
(Visited in June)


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on 22 Feb 2023

Act 3 ‘inspiration in tradition’ @qiqedacosta

- Grilled bread & Maestrazgo olive oil -
- Beans or Peanut? foie, smoked eel, rosemary -
- Stuffed pepper -
- Duck, pickled onion, beet, pomegranate -
- @domperignonofficial vintage 2008 -

Act 4 ‘the sweet beauty’

- Piluka’s box -
- Chocolate, morels, pine -
- Creamy candy of raspberry -


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on 21 Feb 2023

Act 2 ‘the sea’ @qiqedacosta part II

- Dried octopus and baby squid -
- Vegetal abalone, emulsion of sea anemone -
- Roe of lobster & grilled head -
- Cold saffron fideua with razor clams -
- Grilled oyster, seaweed charcoal, green pepper -
- @domperignonofficial vintage 2012 -

Unforgettable seafood experience 🙏✨


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on 20 Feb 2023

Act 2 ‘the sea… local kaiseki’ @qiqedacosta part I

- Corals of nori seaweed, rice -
- Mojama, pickles, almonds -
- Red tuna belly cured in saline atmosphere -
- Smoked jerky of red tuna -
- Cured black tuna, dried herbs -
- Mullet roe slightly cured -
- Cake of ling -
- Red tuna kombucha -
- @domperignonofficial vintage 2012 -

Unforgettable tuna experience by @qiqedacosta 🙏✨

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on 18 Feb 2023

Act 1: ‘a partir de nuestro entorno’ @qiqedacosta

- A warm welcome at the DP plénitude lounge -
- Light doughnut, pumpkin, black truffle -
- Consommé of pumpkin & seed oil -
- Slice of dried tomato & rice vinegar -
- Roots, barks, buds of parsnip, blueberries -
- Iced almond turron & black truffle -
- @domperignonofficial vintage 2013 -

A lovely start of an unforgettable experience in Denia 🥰✨


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on 07 Dec 2022

“Slice of dried tomato sprinkled with rice vinegar”

on 05 Dec 2022

“Dried octopus katsuobushi and baby squids” @qiqedacosta

on 04 Dec 2022

The talent and sensibility of @qiqedacosta never ceases to amaze me. There’s always a delicate combination of deliciousness, refinement and technique, expressing his view of the terroir and his interpretation of the evolution of cuisine, which makes every meal memorable. “Almond flower” is the first dish of his menu “cooking beauty”. Next, “Cured black tuna with dry aromatic herbs” and “Chilly crab and prawn flavoured ice bread”.

9 / 10
on 21 Jul 2019

After visiting Quique Dacosta’s flagship restaurant last year we have returned this July on a Sunday evening.
This year the QD restaurant offer the Self Portrait menu for 210 Euro with additional wine pairing.
This menu contains many elements from last year’s “Evolution and Origen” menu, just few dishes were changed and some dishes had some fine tuning, all of them were creative and delicious.
After the appetisers in the starter section they have one new dish, the “Glutinous rice cocoa”... More

10 / 10
on 13 May 2018

Quique Dacosta is the pioneer of the Spanish nouvelle cuisine. We were fortunate enough to spend an unforgettable evening at his restaurant.
We have opted for the "Evolution y origen" menu
From the arrival it took 4 hours until we have completed our dining experience. The service was smooth and efficient yet very professional. This'll be an evening long remembered, we can't wait to return and try his other menu in the near future.

9 / 10
Top list
on 11 May 2017

Lunch at the 'king of rice', Quique Dacosta.

Photos this time not minde, battery uncharged :(, but Stepanie Biteau

on 22 Aug 2016

Quique Dacosta Restaurant*** opened its doors in 1981 under the name of El Poblet and slowly developed into one of the world’s most creative restaurants. Quique Dacosta Restaurante is located in a street facing the beach of Dénia, a small beach town near Valencia.

Recommended in Dénia


Carrer Rascassa, 1, 03700 Dénia, Alicante, Spain


Open hours


+34 965 78 41 79