Dinner at Quique Dacosta Restaurante

Dinner at Quique Dacosta Restaurante

at Restaurant Quique Dacosta on 30 October 2018
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Domaine Roulot, Poruzot, MEURSAULT PREMIER CRU 2011 @qiqedacosta

Denia prawn head bisque & swiss chard foam @qiqedacosta

Seawater boiled denia prawns then cooled in sea salt adjusted ice @qiqedacosta

Transformed napkin cheese (napkin cheese in steamed potato starch skin) @qiqedacosta

Local napkin cheese @qiqedacosta

Dry tomato & rice vinegar @qiqedacosta

Barbeito Madeira Malvasia "RR" - Ribeiro Real 1882 @qiqedacosta

Sake & quinine & yuzu @qiqedacosta

Dehydrated the grilled octopus @qiqedacosta

Salt air cured mullet roe & pancetta of cuttlefish & sobresada of cod roe & cured tuna blood line @qiqedacosta

Elche's pomegranate vinegar pickled onions @qiqedacosta

Tuna blood line after curing @qiqedacosta

Tuna blood line ready for curing @qiqedacosta

Cordifolia with lemon and raim de pastor @qiqedacosta

Traditional method of curing tuna roe @qiqedacosta

Tuna roe cured in salt first and then packed in wood casing stored in room temp with low humidity @qiqedacosta

Mullet roe with texture of custard (cured in salt 1 hr, then 3 days in salt chamber) @qiqedacosta

like cheese @qiqedacosta

Torta of ling fish roe (cured in salt 3 hrs then 12 days in salt chamber without contact) @qiqedacosta

Tuna cecina - smoked and cured akami & smoked eggplant @qiqedacosta

Salt air (75 % humidity at 3C) cured tuna belly @qiqedacosta

Rainera Perez Marin 'La Guita' Manzanilla pasada , MANZANILLA SANLUCAR DE BARRAMEDA 1940-1950 @qiqedacosta

Quique on 12 months tuna belly cured in salt chamber, only part of salt touching the tuna is the salt particle dropped on the tuna belly @qiqedacosta

Pickled guindilla chili in almond foam & smoked chili oil @qiqedacosta

Denia uni & tomatoes & mustard @qiqedacosta

Crispy baby crabs & roasted pepper and garlic salsa @qiqedacosta

Almond crisp & purple potatoes & flowers & trout roe & oyster emulsion & apple @qiqedacosta