Dinner at Quique Dacosta

Dinner at Quique Dacosta

at Quique Dacosta on 21 July 2019
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After visiting Quique Dacosta’s flagship restaurant last year we have returned this July on a Sunday evening.
This year the QD restaurant offer the Self Portrait menu for 210 Euro with additional wine pairing.
This menu contains many elements from last year’s “Evolution and Origen” menu, just few dishes were changed and some dishes had some fine tuning, all of them were creative and delicious.
After the appetisers in the starter section they have one new dish, the “Glutinous rice cocoa” with herbs and pickles. The main selection has more changes this year. The four new dishes: the Royale of blue crab from Albufera, Ray fish with black butter, creamy rice variety with grilled chestnut and contain rabbit Royale of snails. The new starter dish and the rabbit Royale dish both were extraordinary, top of the league.
We could not fault anything in the service but this visit was different from the previous one. The vibe and the atmosphere was missing and the service was not as attentive as last time. We did not feel rushed but would have been nice to give a little bit more time between courses. It was probably a “last night service before day off” case, which could be acceptable elsewhere but not in a world class restaurant.
All in all it is an extraordinary restaurant with well worth three Michelin star and It is still a “Must do” if you are in the area.

9 / 10

Selection of delicatessen plated

Ray fish plated