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Rasmus Munk



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on 28 Dec 2021

2021 BEST EXPERIENCES #[instagram] 1️⃣ @restaurantalchemist

Why Restaurant Alchemist 🌟🌟🇩🇰? ~ Well, this is not just the best meal I had this year but made it to the top 5 ever (Wanna know the other 4?). @rasmusmunkalchemist and team are just ahead of our times. One of the most ambitious built outs where you are moving through the evening, sets the stage of a true special journey. It is a multidisciplinary experience that incorporates art 🖼& music 🎶... More

on 22 Nov 2021

🇩🇰 Copenhagen • 11.2011

An experience from another planet 🪐 @restaurantalchemist 🌟🌟💫 is years in the future ~ the level of depth of thought and execution that goes into each dish is something I have never seen before. @rasmusmunkalchemist is leading the next revolution of gastroperformance

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on 21 Oct 2021

The entirely edible lobster claw @restaurantalchemist - tested for @360eatguide

on 05 Oct 2021

From Orwell to the pink room, a dream of my friend Rasmus Munk (30 yo!) that was even as a dream way too crazy, but it is a fantastic roller coaster ride where thr excitement doesn’t wane for a single moment, it keeps you flabbergasted till the very end. Oh, and even the food they serve is ridiculously amazing!

My former visits: #jokuti_alchemist
My favs in Denmark: #jokuti_denmark

#foodie #alchemist #alchemistcph #rasmusmunk... More

on 01 Oct 2021

Alchemist rocks. It’s so nice to see my friend Rasmus Munk flying higher and higher, he has created something that is totally unique in the world, a level of culinary experience that wasn’t even possible to imagine (for me) before. And it’s still stunning, even on the thrird visit I feel like a small kid entering a magic realm. Forget Alice in wonderland and Charly’s chocolate factory, this is something bigger and better! And it’s not just pleasure and joy, but also a lot of homework to... More

on 12 Jan 2020

My number 1 dish of 2019 was at the most hyped and difficult to book restaurant on the planet at the moment...Alchemist in Copenhagen. With 2000 seats selling out in 3 minutes and a waiting list for cancellations of over 7000 this really is a hot ticket.
@rasmusmunkalchemist has taken his small counter, seating around a dozen people, and taken this vision to a truly grand scale. After 2 years of construction and a budget busting 15 million dollars spent on the project, expectations are... More

10 / 10
on 14 Dec 2019

Second meal at The Alchemist. Slightly changed from the pre-opening dinner at the end of June.
As impressive, thought provoking but even more so super tasty.
Some dishes became, as predicted in June, instant classics, for example the omelette, pure genius. Rasmus will not be able to take this off the menu, ever!
I am looking forward to the GM Guide 2020, I predict a flying start of 2 stars with more to come.

on 05 Dec 2019

Amber stone with honey and ginger and red wood ants

Brown Butter Air: 98% air, 2% brown butter

Sugar cane laid in a white rum, cocoa cream, vanilla from Bora Bora, tamarind butter

Happy Ending
Alchemist, Copenhagen (Sept 2019)
#visitcph #restaurantalchemist #alchemistcph

on 17 Oct 2019

Last but not least a series of sweet dishes served in the lounge area including an amber stone with honey, ginger & wood ants, a brown butter air 98% air & 2% brown butter, sugar cane with white rum & tamarind butter and a golden happy ending. What a perfect meal!
Next stop #alchemistcph where chef @rasmusmunkalchemist has finally realised an incredible vision. This was one of the most mind blowing experiences that I have ever had. And the food exceeds all the hype surrounding... More

on 07 Oct 2019

Hibiscus: Flower, bee pollen, aroma of plum juice

Next stop #alchemistcph where chef @rasmusmunkalchemist has finally realised an incredible vision. This was one of the most mind blowing experiences that I have ever had. And the food exceeds all the hype surrounding this new opening. Bravo Rasmus team 🙌
Michelin Guide - I predict 2* in the next guide
OAD - I predict #1 next year
W50Best - I predict #1 next year

#achefabroad #itravelforfood... More

on 20 Sep 2019

The dome @restaurantalchemist is such an impressive piece of work and a wonderful scenery to be a part of ➡️ to see the jellyfish theme as well .
#foodie #foodies #foodporn #instafood #food #hungry #foodart #theartofplating #eattheworld #lefooding #gastronogram #dailyfoodfeed #luxury #alchemist #copenhagen #rasmusmunk... More

on 13 Sep 2019

To many, this is for sure one of the more provoking dishes @restaurantalchemist - minced chicken with chanterelles presented on a chicken foot. The entire point with this dish is that the meat is coming from happy free-range chickens and thus this is the first time these chicken feet are in a cage. .
#foodie #foodies #foodporn #instafood #food #hungry #foodart #theartofplating #eattheworld... More

10 / 10
on 27 Jun 2019

Dinner at the new best restaurant on earth! No more words needed.

45+ impressions of thoughtful, impactful tastes. Extraordinary techniques paired with fantastic flavours.

(Sorry, no pictures because of a pre-opening dinner)

on 21 Jun 2019

Beyond excited for this reservation. 15,000 on the waiting list but just bagged it. 5 hours, 50 courses here I come 😬
Michelin Guide - watch this space
OAD list - watch this space
W50Best- watch this space

#achefabroad #itravelforfood #foodie #foodies #foodporn #foodpic #foodpics #finedining #michelindining #eats #instafoodie #michelinstar #oad #worlds50bestrestaurants... More

10 / 10
on 14 Apr 2018

Alchemist Copenhagen's brilliant team created an unforgettable experience in the construction site of Alchemist (#Alchemist2Act). This pop-up - made for just one single meal! - was truly a unique experience, showcased the creativity and talent of this young and already very successful and individual chef, Rasmus Munk. Check out the 'kitchen', too!
Can't wait to see this space when it's finished.

9 / 10
on 01 Jul 2017

Can’t wait to go back. What a beautiful meal by talented 26 year old chef Rasmus Munk.

8 / 10
on 13 Apr 2016

Another restaurant that I will revisit soon is The Alchemist in Copenhagen. I have been a few times now and it is really interesting to see this incredible talent evolving over time. Especially someone like Rasmus Munk whose food is so inventive and emotive. The meal I have posted here I had two years ago and going back fairly recently one can still see a lot of the same dishes but in their more focused, refined and clearer form. A lot of the dishes are intended to provoke thought and tell a story... More

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Refshalevej 173C, 1432 København, Denmark


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+45 31 71 61 61