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on 27 Jun 2019

Dinner at the new best restaurant on earth! No more words needed.

45+ impressions of thoughtful, impactful tastes. Extraordinary techniques paired with fantastic flavours.

(Sorry, no pictures because of a pre-opening dinner)

on 14 Apr 2018

Alchemist Copenhagen's brilliant team created an unforgettable experience in the construction site of Alchemist (#Alchemist2Act). This pop-up - made for just one single meal! - was truly a unique experience, showcased the creativity and talent of this young and already very successful and individual chef, Rasmus Munk. Check out the 'kitchen', too!
Can't wait to see this space when it's finished.

on 01 Jul 2017

Can’t wait to go back. What a beautiful meal by talented 26 year old chef Rasmus Munk.

on 13 Apr 2016

Another restaurant that I will revisit soon is The Alchemist in Copenhagen. I have been a few times now and it is really interesting to see this incredible talent evolving over time. Especially someone like Rasmus Munk whose food is so inventive and emotive. The meal I have posted here I had two years ago and going back fairly recently one can still see a lot of the same dishes but in their more focused, refined and clearer form. A lot of the dishes are intended to provoke thought and tell a story and send a message to the diner. The Alchemist will reopen soon in a new premises and like new Frantzen, I have very high hopes indeed.

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Refshalevej 173C, 1432 København, Denmark


+45 51 93 56 23