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Average rating from 12 meals 9.8 / 10
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Victor Arguinzoniz


Traditional Cuisine, Progressive Asador

Foodle Reviews

on 08 Dec 2020

Each table has a story to tell

on 20 Oct 2020

Um pouco como nas outras artes - sejam plásticas, performativas, cinema ou até na literatura, também pela arte da gastronomia vamos alinhando o gosto por uma determinada estética e estilo narrativo.
Se desde cedo me apeguei ao estudo da criatividade associada à complexidade das técnicas e à vertente conceptual e performativa da alta cozinha, a curiosidade por outros estilos e processos criativos sempre esteve presente. Foi nesse mesmo registo que começou a aventura ao País Basco,... More

on 09 Aug 2020

A really good lunch!

on 02 Jul 2020

(SWIPE FOR MORE PICS) Etxebarri has been regarded as the best asador style restaurant in Spain for many years. And when you are at the top it is easy to have a mindset of staying at no.1 by doing what you are doing every day without making changes.
That is not the case at Etxebarri, as Chef Bittor and his team continues to elevate their game. Compared to a few years ago, they have enhanced on so many aspects. From hardwares such as their plates and bowls to the food such as the combination of... More

on 30 Jun 2020

(SWIPE FOR MORE PICS) Cod Kokotxa with Cod Tripe And Pil Pil Sauce. Daxn, when I thought the hake kokotxa was good, the best was yet to come. This cod kokotxa. WOW. It was grilled with an egg batter (you can see the lines of the grill on the surface). The gelatinous collage of the jaw was hot but did not melt with the egg “protector”. The cod tripe, much like fish maw in Chinese cooking, was covered with this super delicious pil pil emulsion, so so so so good. These three things combined into... More

on 31 Jan 2020

Maravilhoso caviar suavemente tratado na brasa. Sublima o sabor, o crunch e retira o excesso de gordura. #etxebarri

on 31 Jan 2020

Gamba roja em #etxebarri Numa liga própria.

on 29 Jan 2020

Let’s take it nice and easy
Hey baby what’s your hurry

on 29 Jan 2020

It's the beat
You don't need no invitation
It's the beat

on 25 Jan 2020

Maravilhosas kokotxas rebosadas. Tudo é maravilhoso aqui #asadoretxebarri

on 24 Jan 2020

Duas palavras. An. Gulas. Na brasa. Não há igual. #etxebarri

10 / 10
on 20 Oct 2019

Second meal of the year, quite some variation of dishes but no variation of quality and dedication. One variance I detected from my meal in July was a more restraint use of smokey flavour.

Whatever he does, he is going to be a benchmark

on 02 Aug 2019

Aswell as the amazing food at #asadoretxebarri we also had a couple of glasses of wine🙄
Lots of incredible wines from @steveplotnicki ‘s birth year 🍷 .

Michelin Guide - ⭐️
OAD list - 3
W50Best- 3

#achefabroad #itravelforfood #foodie #foodies #foodporn #foodpic #foodpics #finedining #michelindining #eats #instafoodie #michelinstar... More

10 / 10
on 31 Jul 2019

Back home at Victor

10 / 10
on 21 May 2019

Just when I thought this food trip to Spain couldn’t possibly get any better...... Asador Etxebarri. Another lunch here that I will remember for ever. So lucky with the weather again, it was just a perfect way to end this leg of the trip before heading to Madrid. Steve Plotnicki you know how to throw a party and I can’t thank you enough for inviting me to celebrate your birthday here, you are a true gent.
Etxebarri is currently number 3 on Worlds 50 Best restaurant list and also 3rd on OAD’s... More

on 17 May 2019

Bonus Extebarri post — the magical setting.

10 / 10
on 14 May 2019

One of my all time favorites, one of best meals i ever had and one of the most sympathetic places i have been to

10 / 10
on 22 Nov 2018

A two-hour bus trek from Bilbao to dine at the world-famous temple to grilling. Such a dream come true!
Michelin 1*.

9 / 10
on 22 Sep 2018

No words necessary.

10 / 10
on 06 Jul 2018

Back home again.

9 / 10
on 13 Mar 2018

A delicious meal at Etxebarri

10 / 10
on 13 Dec 2017

Best Meal of 2017

10 / 10
Top list
on 08 Oct 2017


San Juan Plaza, 1, 48291 Axpe, Bizkaia, Spain


Open hours


+34 946 58 30 42