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on 24 Feb 2024

Elegance! Constancy! Discipline!
He is and remains the “God of Fire”! Goosebumps moments on and on!
Long live Etxebarri!

Asador Etxebarri - ⭐️
Axpe, Spain
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on 29 Dec 2023

The second half of our meal at @asadoretxebarrioficial continued with THAT amazingly delicious beef chop and more:

- Hake KOKOTXAS & green pepper

Thank you Victor for the fantastic meal!

1*, Asador Etxebarri
Axpe, Spain

on 28 Dec 2023

What an amazing meal at @asadoretxebarrioficial where the cooking has gotten exponentially better over the years! And proof that sometimes - in the era of fancy plating and story telling - less is better.

The first part of our meal:

- Home Salted ANCHOVIES
- Fresh Buffalo CHEESE
- Baby SQUID & it’s ink

1*, Asador Etxebarri
Axpe, Spain

on 23 Dec 2023

Back to one of my favorite places on earth, felt a little different with the new layout and white table cloth but the food and service are the same. 7 hours of indulgence, can’t wait until the next time!•

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on 27 Oct 2023

A few more impressions from my lunch-to-dinner meal in Asador Etxebarri this Saturday. As you can guess: wonderful ingredients and impeccable cooking as always! I still dream about that lobster and the gigiantic percebes…

My earlier visits: 👉 #jokuti_etxebarri

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on 21 Oct 2023

Desserts at Asador Etxebarri. You might recognize some repeated ones, yes, I just can’t stop eating the smoked milk icecream with beetroot juice, it is probably the best dessert on this planet. Or the solar system.

👉 #jokuti_etxebarri

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on 25 Sep 2023

One of the most humble persons in our culinary circus and at the same time one of our best!
A glorious house with an incredible history!
Always a big pleasure to meet the master of the „heat“ Bittor Arguinzoniz & the Sommelier of the „heart“ @mohamed_sommelier.
Heaven on Earth. Big Love!

Etxebarri - 1 ⭐️
Atxondo, Spain
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on 04 Aug 2023

You notice that a lot of asadors (and steakhouses around the world) often serve incredibly delicious desserts? In Spain your (best) choices are mostly around tarte de queso, torrija, leche frita, crema catalan or flan, and tocino de cielo.

But Etxeberri made their own versions of different desserts that are so good I did not crave for the original at all. The now iconic smoked ice cream (pic 2) made by smoking the milk with charcoal then wood create the most sensual flavor and aroma that is unparalleled... More

on 03 Aug 2023

Eating at Etxebarri is like watching a great thriller, there is not a dull moment even between transitions of climax.

After the lobster (course 15) which literally put me out of control, I was able to reorient myself with a delightful vegetable dish - guisante lágrima aka teardrop peas with pickled onions and chanterelles, with a little kick from cayenne pepper (pic 2).

We had two fish courses, a thick cut, succulent bacalao (cod) with sherry wine sauce (pic 3), and the grilled whole Red... More

on 02 Aug 2023

It is hard to summarize the meal with a few highlights when everything was so good, but there was one dish that really stood out at Etxebarri that day - this lobster that beats all lobster!

We got one lobster with lobster eggs and one without (pic 2), and both were ridiculously delicious! I don’t know how Bittor did it but the entire heads had this uniform custardy texture (pic 3-6), spoon after spoon it had a creamy texture without any hard bits. It was covered with a sauce of the emulsified... More

on 01 Aug 2023

This meal at Etxebarri in June kept getting better with various seafood coming one after another. Plates of humongous sized percebes landed at our table (pic 2) with the smell of the sea from the steam immediately caught my sense. The execution was the most perfect compared to the percebes I had here before (pic 3), and the flesh was had so much oceanic salinity and mineral flavor from the innards, every bite was like a wave of sea umami hit straight to my brain. I drank all the orange percebe juice... More

10 / 10
on 16 Jul 2023

Another outstanding meal at Asador Etxebarri leaves me in awe once again. Chef Victor Arguinzoniz's mastery of fire is evident in every dish, as he skillfully grills a wide variety of ingredients, extracting incredible flavors from seemingly simple elements. The restaurant's custom-designed grills, with their adjustable heights and precise control, allow for the perfect cooking of each ingredient.

The menu at Etxebarri is a testament to the restaurant's commitment to showcasing the natural flavors... More

on 11 Jun 2023

Asador Etxebarri!
It’s a tough choice what to include in the TOP10 dishes this time… Cod swim bladder, palomos prawns, txuleta, sea cucumber, the last teardrop peas of the season, baby beans, smoked milk ice cream, percebes, res sea bream, baby squid…

Check out my other visits:
👉 #jokuti_etxebarri

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on 01 May 2023

These were extraordinary. “Baby Octopuses” @asadoretxebarrioficial