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Kazuki Kurosaki



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on 21 Apr 2024

Spring course at Kurosaki, to contrast with one of the previous posts. The flat-sliced kanpyo is a fantastic closer to any meal, and is always offered alongside makinono and tamago. Also notable is the "trimmed" kuruma ebi where the head and miso are tucked under the body for nigiri, which changes the flavor but also makes this huge bite more manageable. Many of the neta here are actually on the smaller size, even the clams, but they are definitely at the very high end of the quality range.

on 14 Apr 2024

The hamaguri that Kurosaki-san sources are huge and tender - almost an oxymoron for this type of clam. To be honest, I'm not sure I can think of another sushiya that serves hamaguri of higher quality. Last April, it was part of the tsumami, served in poaching liquid. But last November was even more special - the ni-hama served over rice that was soaked in a sweet dashi with clear flavors of sudachi. It's exceedingly rare to find this hamaguri prep at modern sushiya, even in Japan, and it's a style... More

on 09 Apr 2024

Both of my meals at Kurosaki last year had a mid-meal standout item. Too big in flavor and size to be a tsumami course, but also not quite sushi either. In November, it was grilled sanma wrapped around matchsticks of grilled matsutake. Large sanma are typically used for grilling with salt, but this one had a shoyu-based glaze. It wrapped the mushrooms almost entirely, resulting in layers of earth textures that tasted like the season.
In April, a huge slice of grilled miso-marinated Nodoguro was... More

on 08 Apr 2024

Ingredient quality at Kurosaki is pretty much at the highest level, in my opinion. That includes those places where you need to raffle just for the chance to make a reservation, or where you might be able to buy a seat in an online auction for $1000 (or more). Across the board - shiromi, hikarimono, clams, tuna, and even ancillary items like kimo or nori - is a notable standout. The sushi is medium-sized, and the neta appears to be cut a bit larger relative to size of the shari. There is distinct... More

on 13 Mar 2024

Each one of my visits to Kurosaki, a chawanmushi has appeared mid-course. Last November, it was kobako kani with its roe. In April, it was botan ebi, also with roe. Elegant is a good descriptor for the food here, and the chawanmushi is no exception. It is a super smooth, unbroken custard, with an ultra-thin layer of dashi on top. The dashi isn't watery, but more like a concentrated stock, similar to how a layer of caramel might float on top of a well-executed flan.

on 08 Mar 2024

Tsumami on my April visit were quite a bit different, and showcased a variety of cooking techniques rather than raw produce. Mehikari was grilled, komochi yari ika was served nimono, kinme as mushimono, and so forth.
The quality of the ingredients was really on display here, including the huge "crunchy" torigai (the only sashimi). My favorite was the very large hamaguri that was presented simply in its own poaching liquid. It has pleasant chew, but was also notably tender.

on 29 Feb 2024

I have a hard time describing Kurosaki-san's style. Elegant is one adjective that comes to mind. It doesn't seem to follow any formula. And the pacing, mixture of appetizers and sushi, and preparations feel more modern. But the flavors are balanced and traditional. The flavor profile is definitely not subtle - there are abundant sweet, sour, and rich flavors throughout - but none are overpowering and seem out of place. In fact, some of the flavors are even hyper-traditional, including use of irizake... More

8 / 10
on 26 Feb 2024

Located in the fashionable Minami Aoyama district of Tokyo, Kurosaki stands as a beacon of sushi excellence, welcoming diners into a space that is as architecturally fascinating as the dishes are flavorful. The restaurant's design, featuring a remarkable curved wall adorned with unique Japanese paper, creates an ambience that complements the culinary journey within.

The dining experience commences with an array of otsumami, where each dish, such as the complexly flavored pregnant octopus and the... More

on 24 Dec 2023

[한/日/EN] 2023.11 #くろ崎 (Sushi Kurosaki/스시 쿠로사키)

"Kurosaki", a sushi restaurant where you can enjoy sushi emphasizing the balance between ingredients and sushi rice.
재료와 샤리(밥)의 밸런스가 적절한 초밥을 맛볼 수 있는 초밥집 “쿠로사키”


★... More

8 / 10
on 24 Jun 2020

Back at the young master and he did not disappoint.

on 05 Jun 2020

(SWIPE FOR MORE PICS) Today’s lunch time #littlemeg_chefskillvideos is about knife skill of cutting abalone at くろ崎by Kurosaki san, one of my favorite sushi shops in Tokyo. Every time I went there I learnt a lot and food is always fantastic.
In June, Kurosaki san featured giant abalone from 佐賀唐津Karatsu, Saga (see pic 2-3). He started cutting off the rim and then sliced the abalone into thick pieces with zig-zag patterns by turning his knife blade in different angles.... More

9 / 10
on 04 Jun 2020

Today I went for lunch to the pop-up of my friend Kimura-san’s Sushi Jin at Narisawa. There, by coincidence met Asakura-san, the Chef/Owner of Kirakutei, now freshly relocated to Ginza. He introduced me to his fellow diner, his friend, as he put it, the sushi god. Of course such a statement from a chef like Asakura-san sparked my interest and I asked where his places is. He told me that he is Kurosaki from the restaurant with the same name. My response was that I am happy to have met him because... More

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Japan, 〒107-0062 Tokyo, Minato City, Minamiaoyama, 4-chōme−16−15 FPG links MINAMIAOYAMA B2F


+81 3-6455-4596