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on 02 Apr 2024

[한/日/EN] 2023.11 #銀座しのはら (Ginza Shinohara/ 긴자 시노하라)

Chef: @ginza_shinohara

"Shinohara", a double Michelin-starred Kaiseki restaurant serving “Shiga country cooking” in Ginza, Tokyo.
"시가현의 컨트리풍 요리"를 맛볼 수 있는 미슐랭 2스타 레스토랑 "시노하라" - 도쿄 긴자에 위치


★... More

on 13 Feb 2024

[한/日/EN] #銀座しのはら(Ginza Shinohara/ 긴자 시노하라)

Chef: @ginza_shinohara

"Shinohara", a double Michelin-starred Japanese cuisine in Ginza.
긴자에 있는 미슐랭 2스타 일식요리 전문점, “시노하라”

一斉スタートの日本料理おまかせコースの中にはイクラ、伊勢海老、スッポンと言った豪華な食材を使った料理が出てくる。他にもトラフグの白子和え、淡路の鯛のお椀、春子鯛の握りなどが味わえ、店の顔とも言える... More

on 07 Oct 2023

2023.08 #銀座しのはら (Ginza Shinohara/ 긴자 시노하라)


Chef: @ginza_shinohara

"Shinohara", a double Michelin-starred Kaiseki restaurant serving “Shiga country cooking” in Ginza, Tokyo.
"시가현의 컨트리풍 요리"를 맛볼 수 있는 미슐랭 2스타 레스토랑 "시노하라" - 도쿄 긴자에... More

on 27 Aug 2023

Filet migon, Beef tartare

on 27 Aug 2023

Ayu, Corn, Gohan

on 26 Aug 2023

Ebi, Matsutake, Kani soup

on 26 Aug 2023

Soft shell turtle

on 26 Aug 2023

Burnt goma miso, Sesame, Fig

on 25 Aug 2023

Grilled ayu with soy sauce

on 25 Aug 2023

Winter melon soup, Matsutake, Gingko, Tai fish

on 31 Jan 2021

December at Ginza Shinohara. An overwhelming amount of food, all of it delicious. One of those “I go back as often as I can get in” places.

on 25 Jan 2021

Ginza Shinohara 銀座しのはら 1st visit — one of the most highly rated kaiseki in Tokyo, the style kind of reminds me of Mizai, especially the beautifully presented almost flamboyant hassun. Really enjoyed the grilled dishes: duck, karasumi mochi and shirako. •

#foodgasm #yum #eat #foodpic #foodpics #foodphotography #foodlover #tasty #hungry #foodblogger #dessert... More

on 22 Aug 2020

It was my extreme good luck to snag a cancellation at Shinohara. Another wonderful meal, just so playful and delicious. Some snapshots of mid-summer.

on 11 Jun 2020

Just a small selection of the absolutely stunning meal at Shinohara. A place I’ve been trying to get in to for ages; I finally got a same day cancelled seat. The juxtaposition of top ingredients, flawless technique, and jovial chef with warm service was a real winner for me. Can’t wait to come back ... in six months when they have another open seat for me.

10 / 10
on 06 Apr 2020

Chef Shinohara opened his namesake restaurant 4 years ago and shot like a rocket to Tabelog Gold level in four years. He excels in a creative cuisine presented very aesthetically. His flavours are restrained but this subtlety brings out the best of the main ingredient.
His signature dish, the suppon or softshell turtle, gets marinated, grilled on the Binchō-tan grill, re-marinated and charred one more time on the grill. The result is extraordinary. I have been told by regulars that the suppon... More

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2-chōme-8-17 Ginza, 中央区 Chuo City, Tokyo 104-0061, Japan


Open hours


+81 3-6263-0345