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Kotaro Asakura



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8 / 10
on 01 May 2024

Ginza Komon in Tokyo epitomizes the quintessence of Japanese dining with its meticulous attention to detail and a sublime blend of tradition and innovation. Led by the skilled Chef Kotaro Asakura, this restaurant presents a culinary journey through kaiseki cuisine, focusing on the nuanced flavors of seasonal ingredients sourced from across Japan.

From the moment you step inside Ginza Komon, the ambiance reflects the sophistication of Ginza itself—understated yet elegant. The décor, with its... More

on 12 Apr 2024

Highlights from a spectacular spring menu at @ginzakomon. And *that* Katsu Sando has leveled up…

on 08 Feb 2024

[한/日/EN] 2023.09 銀座鼓門 (Ginza Komon/ 긴자 코몬)

旧:銀座 #器楽亭

Chef: @kiraku219

浅倉鼓太郎氏が腕を振るった和食が味わえる「銀座 鼓門」
"Ginza Komon" where you can enjoy Japanese cuisine that chef Kotaro Asakura had set out to create
아사쿠라 고타로 셰프스타일의 일식을 즐길 수 있는 '긴자 고몬'


★... More

on 06 Jan 2024

Fast forward to Dec 2023, when Ginza Komon was the venue of choice for a reunion with my Hong Kong ‘family’🥰. We paired our matsubagani & black truffle course with some Juyondai classics (naturally 😉) and the newly released Jikon Kioke (cedar tanked brewed) Kimoto Tojo Akitsu Yamada Nishiki🤩🍶. A deliciously decadent way to kick off the festive season🦀🎄! As always, my sincere thanks to chef 浅倉鼓太郎 and Keiko Asakura for their warm hospitality and generous service🙏🏻.... More

on 05 Jan 2024

3 weeks after my previously posted dinner at Ginza Komon I was back for more🤭! Here are some highlights from our stellar matsubagani & black truffle course. 🦀🥰🍶❣️

#銀座鼓門 #ginzakomon #matsubagani

[Dec ‘22]

on 05 Jan 2024

Ginza Komon Matsuba-gani Course Part II: The showstopper. 🥰❤️

兵庫県柴山港産 松葉蟹
Shibarayama Port, Hyogo, landed Matsuba-gani (male snow crab) 🦀

Matsubagani shabu-shabu, kamaage kani dashi, served with kani-miso. 🦀

#銀座鼓門 #ginzakomon #matsubagani

[Nov ‘22]

on 05 Jan 2024

The long overdue catch up on a year of dining experiences continues with the stunning Matsubagani course at Ginza Komon—the kaiseki evolution of the much loved, and now relocated, kappo/izakaya Kirakutei. 🥰🦀❤️🍶

Part 1 | Full menu & sake list below:👇🏻

白子茶碗蒸し 白トリュフ乗せて
Shirako chawan-mushi with white truffles 🍄

Koubako seko-gani (female zuwai-gani/snow crab) and kourazake 🦀🍶
The red ovaries are called... More

on 21 Oct 2023

2023.08 銀座鼓門 (Ginza Komon/ 긴자 코몬)

旧:銀座 #器楽亭


Chef’s account: @kiraku219

"Komon", a restaurant specializing in Japanese cuisine in Ginza.
긴자 7번가에 위치한 일본요리전문점 “코몬”


★... More

on 25 Apr 2022

It’s been amazing to watch the evolution of Kirakutei. From a high end but still casual restaurant quite a way out of central Tokyo, to a refined kappo experience in the heart of Ginza. Chef keeps pushing, trying new things, and isn’t afraid to let go of past favorites.

As part of their recent move, they’ve renamed the restaurant to Ginza Komon (銀座鼓門), signaling a more dramatic shift from their past. The new space is absolutely gorgeous, and the quality really shines through.

They’re... More

on 24 Dec 2021

Ginza Kirakutei 銀座器楽亭 1st visit — on the 8th floor of a humble, unassuming building in Ginza, very warm atmospheric, both chef and his wife were super friendly. Matsuba crab was the star of the show but there was also a good variety of other high quality ingredients the Moroko tempura was fried to perfection. Good sake selection too. •

#foodgasm #yum #eat #foodpic #foodpics #foodphotography #foodlover... More

on 22 Feb 2021

Kirakutei. Always delicious, always creative, always a lot of saké.

7 / 10
on 15 May 2020

Another visit to this casual fine dining Kaiseki restaurant. New dishes, new flavour, same great execution and hospitality.

8 / 10
on 20 Mar 2020

New location in the middle of Ginza. Slightly more refined and also more expensive. Good selection of sakes, but also at a price. The food is fantastic.
The starting dish, a chawanmushi with a plum sauce on top of it, was maybe my favourite closely followed by asparagus dish.

on 16 Feb 2020

One of those amazing restaurants that could only be in Japan — Kirakutei (器楽亭) is a gem. Particularly if you love great seafood and saké, you must go. And good news if the current location is a bit far — they’re moving to Ginza next month.

on 14 Jan 2019

Some highlights from a ridiculously good meal at Kirakutei last night with @be53_beauchamp. Outstanding saké selections as well, super friendly staff. Worth the trek.

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Japan, 〒104-0061 Tokyo, Chuo City, Ginza, 7-chōme−6−4 GINZA7BLDG 9階


Open hours


+81 3-5962-8712