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Satoru Tanaka


Beef dishes, Japanese Cuisine

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on 12 Jun 2024

[한/日/EN] #肉屋田中 (Nikuya Tanaka Ginza/ 니쿠야 다나카 긴자) - Japanese Wagyu

Chef: @boss.tanakasatoru

極上和牛を味わう“肉師”渾身の肉割烹「肉屋 田中」
“Nikuya Tanaka”, meat restaurant located two-minute walk from Ginza Station
긴자역으로부터 도보 2분거리에 위치한 “니쿠야 다나카”

「牛そのもののポテンシャルを大切に、愛情込めて調理」するのが料理人 田中 覚氏のコンセプトで、おまかせコースには、最上和牛と季節の素材を組み合わせた料理を味わえる。例えば、筍,木の芽のサラダ、昆布締めしたハネシタの炭火焼き、牛ヒレの竜田揚げ、神戸牛シャトーブリアンなどが出てくる。ソムリエが選ぶ上質なワインと共に楽しめるのも嬉しいポイント。
予算:昼¥28,600〜/夜¥49,500〜... More

on 13 Dec 2023

[한/日/EN] 2023.11 #肉屋田中 (Nikuya Tanaka Ginza/ 니쿠야 다나카 긴자) - Japanese Wagyu


Chef: @boss.tanakasatoru

極上和牛を味わう“肉師”渾身の肉割烹「肉屋 田中」
“Nikuya Tanaka”, a two-minute walk from Ginza Station, meat restaurant
긴자역으로부터 도보 2분거리에 위치한 “니쿠야 다나카”

「牛そのもののポテンシャルを大切に、愛情込めて調理」するのが料理人... More

on 08 Oct 2023

Meat lover’s heaven. Autumn menu highlight: beef tongue and matsutake in suppon dashi. Although the sukiyaki was a bit too sweet for my taste. •

#foodgasm #yum #eat #foodpic #foodpics #foodphotography #foodlover #tasty #hungry #foodblogger #dessert #foods #cooking #foodies #eating #chef #foodblog... More

on 28 Sep 2023

2023.08 #肉屋田中 (Nikuya Tanaka Ginza/ 니쿠야 다나카 긴자) - Japanese Wagyu


Chef: @boss.tanakasatoru

"Nikuya Tanaka", a restaurant with excellent Wagyu beef dishes, just 2 minutes away from Ginza Station.
일품 와규 요리 전문점 “니쿠야 다나카” - 긴자역에서 도보로 2분

厳選された牛肉と、最近では昆布締めした神戸牛とスズキの海苔巻き、神戸牛サガリの漬け、千葉の鮑そうめんなど、スペシャリテ... More

on 20 Apr 2023

Best wagyu restaurant in Japan.


@boss.tanakasatoru 🙏🏻

#肉屋田中 #花山椒 #和牛 #但馬牛 #筍... More

9 / 10
on 29 Dec 2022

This is not a steak house, this a beef based Kaiseki restaurant.
The meal will transform your concept about beef.

9 / 10
on 26 Jan 2022

A wonderful meat focused kaiseki restaurant. The chef/owner Tanaka-san comes from a Gifu butcher family. He has loved and lived with beef since his early childhood. Instead of taking over the family butcher shop he wanted to open up a restaurant. First in Nagoya but for the last two years in Tokyo, he provides a classical sequenced kaiseki meal with the main ingredient Kobe beef. Fortunately, the farmer Tanaka-san sources the beef from, happened to be dining there and was seated next to us. So, he... More

on 22 Jan 2022

Nikuya Tanaka 肉屋田中 — beef lover’s heaven, a huge step up from its next door sister shop Setsugekka I visited a few months ago. The style kinda reminds me of Miyoshi san in Kyoto. Top quality beef, big portions, loved the grilled tongue in white miso with sake kasu and renkon dashi. Gotta visit with an empty stomach. •

#foodgasm #yum #eat #foodpic #foodpics #foodphotography #foodlover #tasty... More

on 09 Nov 2021

2 of the more interesting wines from dinner. 1991 Calera Jensen marks the oldest Calera I have tasted. Cherry, red plum and tobacco on the nose with a floral potpourri essence that lingers in the glass... promising. The palate was a little less expressive, thin and with somewhat overwhelming acidity (whole clusters meant low acidity and then acidification) but it somehow worked with the beef tartare and shabu shabu. Youngish vines at the time (16yrs old), with limestone soils with vines that were... More

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Japan, 〒104-0061 Tokyo, Chuo City, Ginza, 6-chōme−4−3 GICROS GINZA GEMS 9F


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+81 3-6280-6529