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Kazunori Maeiwa



Foodle Reviews

on 16 Jun 2024

Been a while since my last visit to Sushi Akira すし良月, a lovely meal by the talented young chef. Well portioned, seasoned and constructed nigiri, the comparison between male and female uni was quite interesting. •

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on 28 Mar 2024

Tabelog 4.26🥈⁣

Sushi Akira is currently helmed by a young chef, Maeiwa San, who was born in 1991 in Wakayama. Before running his own sushiya, he spent 7 years at Sushi Sho Masa and some time at the globally renowned Chinese restaurant in Tokyo, Sazenka. Needless to say, you will see some influence from Sho style an Sazenka in Maeiwa San’s food. He is also capable of making flavorsome dashi, which is quite rare in sushiya in general. ⁣

Out of respect of his Kansai root, Maeiwa... More

on 23 Jan 2024

Sumi Ika 🦑! A classic and one of my favorites!

Wonderful piece at @sushiakira1104 in Ebisu Tokyo! A shop I really recommend if you visit Japan!
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on 09 Feb 2022

Tried a new sushi spot today. Nice lunch for 8k yen. No premium items like uni, but some interesting bits like grilled squid tentacles with homemade cheese. Big fat sacs of seasonsl fugu shirako if that's your jam. 🐟 🍆 🌬

on 21 Aug 2021

Sushi Akira すし良月 2nd visit — booking the whole counter here is always fun, amazing food too, especially the otsumami. Loved the abalone shell muscle sashimi and grilled prawn. Great wine service too @dai.narita

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7 / 10
on 14 Aug 2021

Wine sushi dinner. Super young Chef without any further help. Sommelier in the front, winelist is quite extensive for a sushi restaurant.
Some of the nigiri excellent, the Shari is unchanged through the course but tastes so difference because of the different neta.

on 07 Apr 2021

Sushi Akira すし良月 1st visit — Cozy space, everything felt bright and new. Young ex-Sazenka chef working together with young ex-l’Effeverscence somm. First time seeing food heating lamps in a sushi restaurant as chef explains that he prefers warmer temperature for some of the neta. Both nigiris and otsumami were beautifully crafted. The uni maki was very satisfying. Very decent wine list for a sushi restaurant. •

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Japan, 〒150-0013 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Ebisu, 2-chōme−37−8 グランデュオ広尾 1F


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+81 50-3390-0121