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Chuukasoba Shibata (中華そば しば田) Tokyo


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on 13 Feb 2024

中華そば しば田

Shibata, a popular ramen shop located 30 minutes west of Shinjuku, offers two types of soup: niboshi and classic chukasoba. The stock uses chicken and duck for a unique taste, blending well with soy sauce. Shibata's deep bowls are simple yet delicious, and they are ranked on many best of lists, so expect a line.

A favorite amongst most of the ramen critics, they serve up two kinds of soup; a niboshi style and a normal, classic chukasoba style. Scratch that, an unnormal... More

on 31 Jan 2021

Shop: Shibata (中華そば しば田)
Location: Setagaya, Tokyo
Style: Shoyu

Refined shoyu with duck bones for some added oomph.

I write much, much more over on my website Ramen Adventures. Link in bio. #ramen #ramenadventures #japan

#百名店 #hyakumeiten
#ラーメンwalker #ramenwalker @weloveramen_rw

on 15 Jun 2020

Top ranked ramen shop in Japan on Tabelog - Shibata (しば田), located 30 minutes West of Shinjuku. A former apprentice of the now-closed Raku Raku shop in Kichijoji, the Chef opened Shibata in November of 2013. Two styles - niboshi and chuka soba.

We opted for the chuka soba with a duck-based broth, roasted chashu, menma and green onion. Overall, a very solid bowl of ramen. 🍜
Shibata (しば田), Tokyo (May 2019)
#中華そばしば田... More

9 / 10
on 25 Sep 2019

Recommended bowl: Best new shop of 2013

Master Shibata-san served his apprenticeship at Raku-Raku in Kichijoji, before opening his own shop in 2013. From the get go he started receiving accolades, being chosen as the top overall rookie shop to open in Tokyo for the year. The main offering is a chūka soba, consisting of a light soup made from simmering premium jidori chickens and ducks for long hours. As the birds simmer the oil is rendered and collected. It is then added to the bowls of ramen when... More

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2-chōme-25-20 Wakabachō, Chofu, Tōkyō-to 182-0003, Japan


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+81 80-4001-0233