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Takeji Ito


Japanese Cuisine, Auberge

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on 13 Feb 2024

📍Hirasansou 比良山荘┆🎌Shiga 滋賀┆🐻Bear Meat Hot Pot Course 月鍋コース (¥33,000~ / person)

✼••┈┈┈┈┈┈┈ 𝗜𝗡𝗙𝗢𝗥𝗠𝗔𝗧𝗜𝗢𝗡 ┈┈┈┈┈┈┈••✼
👩🏻‍🍳┆Regional Japanese · 日本料理
🏷┆@hira_sansou #比良山荘
🚉┆Shiga 滋賀駅 🚘30min
👣┆Smart Casual · スマートカジュアル
📅┆Introduction Only · 予約困難
✍️┆Food 10/10... More

on 08 Feb 2022

Some electric wines whilst in the mountains. 2014 Pycm was basically a mineral driven nuclear bomb. Massive primary characters, lengthy and also acidity that hits like an uppercut. For me, eons too young..the Liger Belair I believe are owned by Xavier and made at the premises of Dufouleur... La Rom went to what is now CLB and Xavier got Richebourg. Earthy, a bit green put balanced in a strange sort of way. Kind of like when you wear a pair socks that don't match but yet it kind of works. 91 off vintage... More

on 06 Feb 2022

Reliable, mountain food for those in search for the best ingredients of each season. We visited a little while ago to eat some bear and luckily for us, it was the perfect time to go... Nice layer of fat on the meat which adds texture and flavour to the soup with increasing intensity. Damn good ayu also even though its kind of the 'wrong' season.
#料理 #レストラン #東京... More

on 30 Dec 2021

Hirasansou 比良山荘 2nd visit, the best season for some of my favorite ingredients: Moroko, Suppon, and of course Kuma nabe at it’s best! The only disappointment was that it was raining instead of snow, but still a beautiful place to visit. •
#foodgasm #yum #eat #foodpic #foodpics #foodphotography #foodlover #tasty #hungry #foodblogger #dessert #foods... More

on 07 Dec 2021

The thing with shrooms season in the autumn is that almost all restaurants just serve 1 or 2 shrooms. Either matsutake or shiitake.. so it was a great surprise to visit Hirasansou and eat a bunch of different shrooms... each with its delectable character and flavour. For some reason also, the ayu was also on form.. surpassing even that of the ayu I ate in June here. Service is exceptional as always and its one of those ritualistic journeys to do every... More

on 19 Oct 2021

Hirasansou 比良山荘 1st visit — finally made it here, and in the mushroom season! The place is more posh than I expected, an elegant version of mountain kaiseki. Variety of mushrooms including of course Matsutake. Komochi Ayu was grilled to perfection. All private rooms, spacious and beautiful garden view. Looking forward to come back in winter. •
#foodgasm #yum #eat #foodpic #foodpics #foodphotography #foodlover... More

on 11 Feb 2021

Bear hotpot, the iconic dish that made Hirasansou famous all over the culinary world




Hirasansou (Otsu, Shiga)
滋賀 大津「比良山荘」

#hirasansou #kyotorestaurant #shigarestaurant #bearmeat #gamemeat #gibier... More

on 15 May 2020

Rounds and rounds of shamo meat and organs, so good! Shamo can be pretty tough sometimes but ours were not at all. I loved the meat with some fat attached, fragrant and with good chicken flavor. Organs were exceptional, they were so fresh, even the intestines were pristine. Bamboo shoots crunchy and sweet, the vegetables (pic 2-3) got so much flavor (bitter and green). They were particularly good with the melted chicken fat and honey aroma adhered to the surface
In pic 2 you can see the dashi... More

10 / 10
on 17 Nov 2019

There is Hirasansou and then there is Hirasansou in the fall. You sit in your room, overlooking the garden where the little creek creates soothing noises and the trees display a varying shade or red and yellow. And then of course there is Matsutake in combination with the wild bear and boar and one of the best dashis in the world.
You just sit back, relax and let the Master cook for you and tell you when to take out the bear or boar. It melts in your mouth and you feel happy.

on 06 May 2019

For the first time, we stayed overnight in Hirasansou in a cozy room upstairs and then tried their delicious Japanese breakfast the next morning. ?
Hirasansou (比良山荘), Shiga (Dec 2017)
#hirasansou #visitjapan #比良山荘

8 / 10
on 31 Mar 2019

An unbelievable dashi with a great selection of bear and boar meats. All of this in the most pleasant settings.

on 22 May 2017

Saying our goodbyes until next time. Hirasansou is one of those restaurants that we will continue to revisit every year. We also took home some delicious honey candy. ??
比良山荘 Hirasansou, Shiga (Dec 2016)

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94 Katsuragawabōmurachō, Otsu, Shiga 520-0475, Japan


Open hours


+81 77-599-2058