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Average rating from 6 meals 7.8 / 10
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Jeremy Chan


Creative, Global Cuisine

Foodle Reviews

6 / 10
on 25 May 2022

This was my first time to try the African cuisine genre. I was surprised to learn that this restaurant has already been awarded two stars.
The taste was strange, unique, and interesting.
The taste was completely different from that of the so-called "umami" Japanese cuisine. It was an interesting course.

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on 18 Oct 2021

Another stellar meal @ikoyi_london back in June, where @jeremychanikoyi is killing it as always. I never tire of this restaurant.
Michelin Guide - ⭐️
OAD - 69
W50B - 87
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on 01 May 2020

Posting about this meal brought back so much memories. It was quite an adventure for me to get there, and back to Paris the next day on the 7am train for another lunch at Arpege (to eat double the desserts I missed in the lunch the same day as Ikoyi due to time rush to train to London 🙈) .
But it was worth the hassle. The meal was sensational. Full of originality, full of bold flavors, layers of umami, contrast of textures. It was beyond my expectation. I could finally try the whole tasting... More

on 29 Mar 2020

So after you got all these beautiful boxes of ingredients (or got yours from supermarkets), what do you do with them? Obviously you cook.
For home cooking, @ikoyi_london chef @jeremychanikoyi is posting recipes similar to what @taksekin is doing. Ingredients and instructions all written in a way that is meant to be followed without too much difficulty even during lockdown and help others to cook real food.
Well, he had me at chicken rice 🐔🍚 🔥❤️💓😍... More

9 / 10
on 20 Jan 2020

I am around two months in arrears in terms of posting meals, but I had a lunch yesterday in ‘that’ London that has prompted me to forget about posting my meals at Mugaritz or El Celar de Can Rocca or indeed the insanely good 3am kebab from ‘Big John’s’ in Aylesbury that I woke up next to this morning.
I’ve been to Ikoyi a few times now and it was a restaurant that it seemed (from my point of view) that there was a certain buzz about. I mean, show me another West African restaurant with... More

on 08 Jun 2019

Absolutely brilliant meal at @ikoyi_london. Many, many great dishes, but that fried chicken... my god. Bonus points for not messing around with the spice.

on 21 May 2019

Wild rice & Fonio
Another visit to the fantastic ⭐️Ikoyi in London to try their new(ish) tasting menu format. Needless to say that it was of course fantastic with the usual vibrant flavours and interesting use of ingredients. .
. .
Michelin Guide - ⭐️ OAD list - 117 (2019)
W50Best- .

#achefabroad #itravelforfood #foodie #foodies #foodporn #foodpic #foodpics #finedining #michelindining... More

8 / 10
on 30 Apr 2019

Ikoyi opened in mid-2017 and gained a Michelin star in the 2019 Michelin guide. The cuisine uses African ingredients and puts a modern twist on them with British produce through its ‘blind’ menus (no menus provided, just the option of how many courses and allergens /intolerances checked). My lunch here was a set 3-course menu of savouries for £35 with an additional dessert course offered at the end for £8.50, meaning £43.50 for four courses; therefore a set lunch with dessert and coffee... More

8 / 10
on 18 Apr 2018

The plantains at Ikoyi were my intro to West African food. Ikoyi restaurant uses British ingredients, putting their own modern twist into bringing Nigerian flavors, techniques and spice combinations to London.

CHEF: Jeremy Chan

2018 OAD Top 100+ European Gourmet Casual No. 73
FULL ALBUM: https://www.flickr.com/photos/loustejskal/albums/72157690708744610

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1 St James's Market, St. James's, London SW1Y 4AH, UK


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+44 20 3583 4660