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Chef's Table at Lebua Bangkok


Average rating from 2 meals 9.5 / 10
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Vincent Thierry


French Cuisine, French

Foodle Reviews

on 02 Jun 2023

Crispy Dark Chocolate Fine Leaves, Herbs Patchwork Garden Sorbet

on 02 Jun 2023

Vanille Bleue Tart

on 01 Jun 2023

Roasted duck, White asparagus, Yellow curry

on 01 Jun 2023

Roasted veal rump, Celeriac texture, Black lime

on 01 Jun 2023

Monkfish, Cauliflower, Shiso

on 01 Jun 2023

Pan seared langoustine, Sweetbread

on 31 May 2023

Lobster and octopus duet, Fish consommé

on 31 May 2023

Grilled green asparagus, braised beef vinaigrette

on 31 May 2023

Smoked Herring mousse, Cucumber jelly

on 31 May 2023

Galicia beef tartlet

on 31 May 2023

Parmesan cheese onion tartlet

9 / 10
on 06 Oct 2019

The restaurants where Chef Vincent Thierry trained his classical French cooking reads like the Who is Who in France. From Le Cinq to Alain Ducasse, he has been everywhere. For now 14 years he cooks in Asia and achieved three stars in Le Caprice in Hong Kong before moving to open the Chef’s Table at the Lebua. This former office tower houses now lots of restaurants and bars and is swiftly becoming the epicentre of fine dining in Bangkok.
The restaurant is stunning. Former round balconies were converted... More

10 / 10
Top list
on 18 Apr 2019

First meal at the newly-opened restaurant helmed by Vincent Thierry, who came from 3-star Caprice in Hong Kong.

It was very clear that Vincent is back on top of his game, and in fact he's gone up a level since his days at Caprice. More Asian flavors infused into classic French cuisine, and it all worked very, very well.

I would be very surprised if this is not the first restaurant in Bangkok to take 3 Michelin stars.

Full account of the dinner is here: https://www.diarygrowingboy.com/2019/04/10-days-in-3-cities-day-6-3-stars-in.html... More

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Floor 61, Tower Club at lebua, 1055 ถนน สีลม แขวง สีลม เขตบางรัก กรุงเทพมหานคร 10500, Thailand


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+66 2 624 9555