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Average rating from 3 meals 8.7 / 10
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Innovative Cuisine, Progressive Peruvian


Virgilio Martínez & Pía León

Foodle Reviews

9 / 10
on 22 Feb 2024

I took my best friend - a bride to be - and the bridal party to Central as a part of her bachelorette. We had come across the restaurant's name in a food and travel platform's blog, Travel Taste Discover https://www.traveltastediscover.com/countries-with-michelin-star-restaurants/, and knew that we had to give it a shot. After all, they called it the best Michelin star restaurant, and we were all about finding the best places to celebrate her upcoming wedding.

I ended up ordering the Suelo de... More

on 13 Jul 2023

Virgilio Martinez’s CENTRAL being crowned the new Nº 1 at the @theworlds50best this year, signals not just a remarkable performance of Peru (@centralrest , @mitsuharu_maido , @kjollerest , @maytalima ) but also a much-deserved spotlight of Latin America in the world’s gastronomy.
The region had 12 restaurants on the list plus “The World’s Best Female Chef 2023” which this year was awarded to elena_reygadas from @restauranterosetta... More

on 22 Jun 2023

Some highlights of my amazing meal at Central, Lima, 3 weeks ago. An absolutely brilliant experience, no wonder Vitgilio Martinez and team Central ended up as the World’s Best Restaurant 2023. I’ve been following their evolution ever since 2012, and I have to say they just kept on evolving in every layer of hospitality! Now Central means the pinnacle of destination dining for me: exotic, delicious, exciting, instructive, progressive, welcoming and genuine! Viva el Perú! 🇵🇪🍾

👉 #jokuti_central... More

on 05 Apr 2023

Experience @centralrest part III

- Pacu, watermelon, coca leaf -
- Pork belly, olluco, callampa -
- Chirimoya, Andean verbena, cauliflower -
- Cabuya, muna leaf, qolle -
- Mucilage, seeds, shell -

Finishing the 3 day @pialeonkjolle & @virgiliocentral experience @centralrest was just amazing 😍🙏✨


#Oadtop100 #thebestchefawards #foodtravel #finedining #michelinstars... More

on 04 Apr 2023

Experience @centralrest part II

- Murike grouper, razor clams, vongole -
- Cecina, arapaima, cassava -
- Scallops, sargassum, cucumber -
- Octopus, sea lettuce, codium -
- Native potato, cushuro, egg yolk, beef -

Finishing the 3 day @pialeonkjolle & @virgiliocentral experience @centralrest was just amazing 😍🙏✨


#Oadtop100 #thebestchefawards #foodtravel #finedining #michelinstars... More

on 03 Apr 2023

Experience @centralrest part I

- Yuyo seaweed, clams, squid -
- Shrimp, loche squash, avocado -
- Cocona, papa voladora, yacon root -
- Corn, kiwicha, sweet potato leaf -

Finishing the 3 day @pialeonkjolle & @virgiliocentral @centralrest was just amazing 😍🙏✨


#Oadtop100 #thebestchefawards #foodtravel #finedining #michelinstars #gourmet #foodgasm... More

on 06 Mar 2023

1. It's not caviar. It's Cushuro. A cyanobacteria (Nostoc sphaericum) that grows in lagoons and wetlands in the Andes above 3.000m.
Specialists say it contains more protein than meat and more calcium than milk.
2. A dish at Central “MIL Lab - 3.750 m. Native Potatoes, Cushuro, Egg yolk, Beef”.
3. At the market in Cusco, you can also find it

on 22 Feb 2023

4.200 MASL Extreme altitude, “Maíces (corn), Kiwichas, Hojas de Camote” /
3.740 MASL “Mil Lab, “Native potatoes, Cushuro, egg yolk, beef”/
15 MBSL Warm sea current, “Murike grouper, Razor clams, Vongole” @centralrest

on 19 Feb 2023

The beauty of returning to @centralrest and making the journey again to the different heights and ecosystems of Peru, through the eyes of @virgiliocentral and his team.
How refreshing it is to find constant exploration and renovation of one of the most brilliant concepts in the culinary world to convey a unique expression of “terroir” and context to what you're eating.
It is a journey of originality, delight and enlightenment about a country, its geography, its culture... More

on 25 Nov 2022

世界最高峰のレストラン、ペルーの「セントラル」の東京店です。また、私がこれまでの人生で唯一、自主的にベジタリアンメニューを注文したレストランでもあります 日本料理ではあまり見かけないようなユニークな食材を使った料理は、クリエイティブで美味しいです。
#料理... More

on 10 Jul 2022

🇵🇪 some highlights from a truly inspiring 🙌 meal @centralrest 💫💫💫🍀, a truly world 🌎 class experience. This level of depth is just rarely seen. Checkout the full meal in the stories

on 19 Jan 2022

🇵🇪 2022

More beautiful dishes from @centralrest 💫💫💫 @virgiliocentral 🙌 truly wonderful

on 08 Jul 2019

Sea Coral (-10m): Octopus, crab, squid, sea lettuce

High Andes Mountains (4100m): Pork belly, yellow mashwa, kaniwa

Humid Green (3700m): Caigua, cushuro, sweet lemon, chaco clay

Amazonian White (400m): Cacao, chirimoya, bahuaja nut, taperiba

Medicinals and Plant Dyes (3050m): Congona, matico, pilipili
Central Restaurante, Lima (Feb 2018)
#visitperu #centralrestaurante #worlds50best... More

9 / 10
on 27 Jan 2019

Another interesting and delicious meal at Central. His cuisine based on the various altitudes in Pero is unique. It enables him to showcase not only the products but also his excellent technique.
If I had one remark it would that it seems the dishes become more and more constructed. This should not be a bad thing, but sometimes simplicity triumphs.

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Av. Pedro de Osma 301, Barranco 15063, Peru


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+51 1 2428515