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at Central on 13 July 2023
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Virgilio Martinez’s CENTRAL being crowned the new Nº 1 at the @theworlds50best this year, signals not just a remarkable performance of Peru (@centralrest , @mitsuharu_maido , @kjollerest , @maytalima ) but also a much-deserved spotlight of Latin America in the world’s gastronomy.
The region had 12 restaurants on the list plus “The World’s Best Female Chef 2023” which this year was awarded to elena_reygadas from @restauranterosetta in Mexico City by the hands of Leonor Espinosa @leoescocina from @leorestaurantcol in Bogotá (last year’s winner) and “The World’s Best Pastry Chef 2023”, which was given to @piasalazarort from @nuema_restaurante in Quito.
In the pics, six dishes from @centralrest that stayed with me since last February, Elena Reygadas, Leonor Espinosa and Pía Salazar:

“Murike grouper, Razor clams, Vongole”

“Sea urchin”

“Mil Lab, “Native potatoes, Cushuro, egg yolk, beef”

“Lobster, Aji Amarillo”

“Amazonian Water: Pacu, watermelon, Coca Leaf”

"Octopus, sea lettuce, codium"