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Maido Lima

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on 30 Nov 2023

Huge congratulations to @mitsuharu_maido on snagging the No 1 slot at this year’s @latam50best! What an achievement, and so well deserved! In addition to being a thoroughly lovable soul, Micha is a pioneer who keeps spreading the joy of Nikkei cuisine around the world.

My first visit to Maido in 2013 opened my eyes to this vibrant style of Japanese-Peruvian fusion (I still remember the tiradito). By the time I went back to Maido last year, the restaurant had really hit its... More

on 21 Mar 2023

Nikkei experience @mitsuharu_maido part II

- Sole, tuna, wasabi, ginger, sesame -
- Toro, Amazonic ponzu -
- Inchicapi, dashi, tsukune -
- Soba, pituca, sea urchin -
- Pork jowl, chonta, cocona, chalaca -
- Sweetbread, aji negro, plantain textures -
- Macambo ice cream, shoyu, bahuaja, chirimoya -
- Childhood treats -

One of the best meals I’ve had so far 🥰


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on 20 Mar 2023

Nikkei experience @mitsuharu_maido part I

- Paiche, potato, tiger milk butter -
- Yucca & Amazonian beans -
- Chorizo & cecina -
- Sashimi, tendon dashi, sachatomate -
- Sea foam, tapioca croquette, tiger milk -
- Gindara, tempura, native potato sauce -

One of the best meals I’ve ever had 🙏🥰


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on 12 Mar 2023

Great to be back @mitsuharu_maido to enjoy the mastery of Mitsuharu Tsumura’s (Misha) and his Nikkei cuisine. In this pic, the superb Nigiri of Toro and Amazonian Ponzu

5 / 10
on 29 Jan 2019

Continuation of the South America tour. Second meal there. Super busy restaurants and I get the impression it becomes a little industrial.
Some great dishes but overall the meal left a slight disappointment behind.

Recommended in Lima


Ca. San Martin No. 399, Miraflores 15074, Peru


Open hours


+51 1 3135100