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on 01 Feb 2024

Outstanding meal at @restaurantkadeau 🌟🌟🇩🇰 tasting their preservation menu. Thank you @rasmus_kofoed_kadeau and @nicolai_kadeau (from afar) for the hospitality and wonderful flavors. Great company with @jiewangofficial & @missfoodverse 🙌

on 25 Nov 2023

6a) Hot and cold smoked salmon with lavender 😋

6b) Top portion 🤤

Still the best smoked salmon I’ve eaten to date. The top portion is not automatically served, so don’t forget to ask for a piece. It tastes like incredible salmon jerky! 👏

@michelinguide for 2023: 🌟🌟

@theworlds50best for 2023: No. 91

@oadtop100 for 2023: No. 33 on “Europe Top Restaurants”
#hungryglomad_copenhagen #mystorywithmichelin #yesmichelinguide... More

on 23 Nov 2023

3a) Queen scallop, rose and Scots pine 🌲🤤

3b) Mahogany clam, dried strawberries and cherry leaf 😋

@michelinguide for 2023: 🌟🌟

@theworlds50best for 2023: No. 91

@oadtop100 for 2023: No. 33 on “Europe Top Restaurants”
#hungryglomad_copenhagen #mystorywithmichelin #yesmichelinguide #worlds50best #oadtop100 #epicurean #finedininglover #finedininglovers #hautecuisine... More

on 15 Sep 2023

6a) Salmon, onion and lavender butter 😍😘🥰

6b) the top layer 🤤

6c) table-side presentation 👏

Definitely the tastiest salmon I’ve eaten to date. Can never get tired of this course 😋
Fabulous terroir-focused dinner @restaurantkadeau on the Danish island of Bornholm 🇩🇰

@michelinguide for 2023: 🌟

@oadtop100 for 2023: No. 13 on “Europe Top Restaurants”
#hungryglomad_denmark #mystorywithmichelin... More

on 08 Apr 2023

1) Dried tomatoes and blackcurrant wood 🍅

When the first course is this good, you know you’re in for a really nice evening ❤️

@michelinguide for 2022: 🌟🌟

@oadtop100 for 2022: No. 38 on “Europe Top Restaurants”
#hungryglomad_copenhagen #mystorywithmichelin #yesmichelinguide #oadtop100 #laliste1000 #epicurean #finedininglover #finedininglovers #hautecuisine... More

on 03 Nov 2019

And finally to round off a fantastic meal some petit fours including a delicious lemon tart

Michelin Guide - ⭐️⭐️
OAD - 34
W50Best - 106

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on 16 Oct 2019

Kadeau, part two. An absolute pleasure in every sense, and a must eat. Thank you for indulging me a repeat of a favorite course, @restaurantkadeau

on 13 Sep 2018

Cool but empty bar attached to Kadeau. One wonders why they keep it, Maybe the have a very good rent contract or also a very bad contract?

9 / 10
Top list
on 25 Aug 2018

This was my 40th birthday dinner my wife gave me. I was familiar with the restaurant, but not in depth. So it was actually a bit of a surprise to eat here.
I had at this point eaten at two – two star Michelin restaurant. A watered down version of AOC and the awkward Bibidum dinner (alone in the restaurant), so at that point of going into the restaurant I had not really, eaten at high level restaurant.
The interior was beautiful – wood color and sheets skins and low lighting. A welcoming... More

on 22 Jun 2018

Juice Pairings: Cicely | Rhubarb, elderflower | Horseradish, apple, gooseberries | Fermented raspberry, rosehip, gooseberries | Beetroot and fresh raspberries | Grape
Kadeau, Bornholm (Aug 2017)
#kadeau #visitdenmark #bornholm

9 / 10
on 14 Apr 2018

Beautiful re-visit and well deserved two stars!

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Wildersgade 10B, 1408 København, Denmark


Open hours


+45 (332) 52223