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Average rating from 3 meals 7.3 / 10
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Izumi Kimura



Foodle Reviews

7 / 10
on 24 Apr 2020

Back at my favourite sushi place in Toyama. Kimura-san is a person with a tiny body (he eats only once a day to maintain his leather jacket model body) but with a big heart. Even though he is hurting in this period, he keeps up a good spirit and makes you feel welcome.
We ordered the dinner menu and as always he did not disappoint. His shari is highly acidic, which I like and some of his neta preparations are very special.
He has a personal relationship with the Maisuzumi sake brewery which enables... More

7 / 10
on 22 Nov 2019

The sushi rock star in Toyama. Long hair, hyper active, super energetic but very, very friendly. Despite having a few assistants he does every nigiri himself. When his counter and the dining room is full this is a lot of nigiris.
His composition of the Omakase is unusual as he jumps between the otsumami and the nigiris, but the it does not feel out of order. Some of the treatments of his fish which are with the exception of the tune sourced from the Toyama bay, are very unique.
All of this combines... More

8 / 10
on 29 Nov 2018

When you enter this sushi restaurant which looks like an old school place you know that this place is different. The Chef Izumi Kimura is not shaven like most or all sushi chefs but has long hair, maybe even rasta dreadlocks hidden by his chef head. Once he gets going he offers a very warm hospitality and tells you his story. Apparently I took him 10 years and three unsuccessful attempts as a self taught sushi chef to create a sustainable business. When I was there for the early 6pm shift, I was... More

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3 Chome-5-7 Shinnezukamachi, Toyama-shi, Toyama-ken 939-8205, Japan


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+81 76-422-0918