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Isshin (ラーメン一心) Toyama


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Shoyu & Niboshi

Foodle Reviews

7 / 10
on 25 Mar 2020

Recommended bowl: Complex shoyu

Run by Nakamura-san, a master who is self taught, and has never trained at another ramen shop. The soup is made from chicken carcasses, chicken meat and pork bones, combined with a shoyu tare. The shoyu tare is made by taking leftover chashu tare sauce and first boiling it, then letting it rest for several days. Afterwards various dried fish are added, including katsuobushi, saba-bushi, niboshi, and aji niboshi. The sauce is then aged for several days more, developing... More

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Japan, 〒930-0003 Toyama, Sakuramachi, 1-chōme−1−36 富山地鉄ビル1F


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+81 76-433-7258